Thursday, 29 September 2016



We always have a habit of keeping everything clean and ready. It is also applicable to our bed. A lot of us have a habit of making bed with the sunrise. But are you aware that this cleanliness habit is actually making you sleep on the dust wrapped bed.

Yes, it is true. If you are making your bed early then, there are chances that dust particles along with your dead cells and sweat get trapped in the tight sheet. This trapped particle can lead to diseases like allergies can asthma.  Whereas an open and unmade bed get exposed to the light and fresh air and kills the bacteria causing infections as well as dehydrate the bed sheets.
As per Dr. Stephen Pretlove the expert from the Kingston University School of Architecture, the phenomenon is quite simple. The act of making the bed right after waking up does look hygienic, but it trap many unhygienic particles in the bed.
The dead cells, the body heat and sweat get trapped all over your bed. The early made bed lack the exposure to sunlight and thus starts smelling bad after some days due to sweat smell get trapped in it. It also often felt wet as the bed does not get a chance to dry out.
In the recent research, scientists have found that around 1.5 million of dust mites are present on our bed. All of them live on and grow on the dead cell we shed on our bed while sleeping every day. You can imagine these many mites living on your bed which leave behind their excretion on your bed. The presence of these dust mites is irritating for our breathing system and leads to asthma when inhaled regularly.
According to Good Housekeeping Institute director Carolyn Forte, the dust mites are present everywhere so the unmade bed is not the only solution on the issue. However, it is advisable to leave your bed unmade during day time to give a chance to your bed sheets to dry out and kill the dust mites.

As per Forte making your bed after breakfast can be a thumb rule to provide proper exposure of sunlight to your bed. Also, remember to clean and wash your bed sheet after two weeks along with the pillow cases. This will help to get rid of harmful bacteria and dust particles trapped in the bed sheet.
Isn’t it a simple remedy of keeping bed unmade for a while so that your bed can be fresh and dust free for the night? You can also remove the dust particles from the bed sheet using normal dusting act before making your bed. The process seems simple but provides a lot of benefits.
The act of keeping the bed unmade for a longer time in the day is no more a lazy action but is has a scientific reason now. Let your bed get proper exposure of fresh air and sunlight in order to avoid the trapping of dust particle as well as infection and other health issues.