Thursday, 29 September 2016



You need to start looking at your pee before you flush it as its color is very significant in revealing a lot about your health problems. Your pee is affected by the foods you eat and the drinks you consume. The color will tell you whether your body is perfectly hydrated or not.

  • Clear urine – if the color is clear for a longer period of time than it may be a sign of diabetes insipidus. This is a type of diabetes there people release more water, making them thirstier and interrupt the sleep cycle.
  • Dark yellow urine – the color of the urine should be yellow, but in case it is darker, then you have to drink more water.
  • Neon yellow urine – this is the color of urine when the body releases vitamin B and C. this happens when the body takes more of these vitamins.
  • Orange urine – this is due to too much dehydration or too much salty food. Another reason for such color may be due to cyst or tumor impeding your bile duct, which leads to jaundice.

  • Blue urine – the main reason for this color are food dyes and some medications.
  • Red urine – this color is caused by some foods. In case there is blood in the urine it can denote kidney cancer, or bladder stones.
  • Green urine – this color is caused by a bacteria named Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Moreover, the meds for Parkinson’s disease and antidepressants may cause it.