Monday, 3 October 2016

20 Magnificent Kitchen Tips And Tricks No One Ever Told You About!


You can make your life much easier with following the tricks that we are going to show you in this article. You will see the best way how to clean your pans, how to extend the freshness of veggies and fruits and many, many more.

 In order to find out about them, continue with reading the article.

1. You can keep your butter fresh. For example you went to a market and you see that the butter is on sale, you should buy higher amount then you need at that time, and the excess amount you can store it into a freezer.

Just remember that before you put it into a freezer you put it in zipper-bag, because that way the odor from other foods won’t be absorbed. In the freezer the butter can last up to half a year.

2. You can reverse crystalized honey to its natural color with only putting the jar with the honey in warm water. Leave it in the water until the natural color is present.

3. You can improve the taste of burned milk with adding a pinch of salt in it, because that way the bad small will disappear.

4. You can save your burned sauce with adding 1 tablespoon of peanut butter in each cup and that way you are going to eliminate the burned taste.

5. You can eliminate the excess fat in the soup in a few ways. The first one is when you have some free time – for half an hour you should put a bowl of soup in the fridge, and after that you can easily remove the fat layer.

The second one is when you do not have any free time –Into the soup you should add some ice cubes and when you see that there is fat around them, remove them, or what else you can use to absorb the excess fat in soup is lettuce.

When the lettuce becomes soft, you should remove it from your soup.

6. You can save your over-salted soup with adding a few raw potatoes or apples into it. The extra salt will be absorbed by them. After that put the soup along with the potatoes or apples in it on a heat and after 10 minutes remove it. Next you should remove the potatoes or apples from the soup.

If this does not work you can add unsalted soup or a little bit of water.

7. You can make your fruit ripe over the night with putting the fruit that you want to make ripe into a paper bag.

Put one apple in the bag too.

What will speed up the ripening process is the ethylene gas that is produced by the apple.

8. You can convert the pudding into muss if you do not make it with milk or water but with whipped cream.

9. You can save your sinewy meat in the following way – With these ingredients you should marinate the meat:

papaya, pineapple, vinegar, tomato juice, lemon or beer.

All of these ingredients have the same thing and that is that they all contain enzymes or acids that can be helpful in the case of sinewy meat.

10. You shouldn’t be worried if your cheese dried too quickly and then you should try to rub the cheese over with butter or oil.

If you decide to go with the butter then you should press it deep into the cracks and into the separated edges you should rub it.

11. You can make your champagne fizz again if a couple of minutes before you use the champagne you put 1-2 raisins in it.

12. You can keep the eggs fresh and to always be sure that they are fresh with putting them in a bowl that is filled with water.

If the eggs are bad – then they will float. If they are fresh they will sink.

13. As we already mentioned you can extent the freshness or shelf life of veggies with just putting a few paper towels on the shelf in the fridge.

This way the rotting process will be slowed and the excess moisture will be soaked up.

14. You can keep your brown sugar to get all hard and crumbly if you keep it in the fridge. But if your brown sugar is hard then you can place it in sealed bag with an apple and slice of fresh bread.

15. You can prevent the growth of bacteria in dairy products such as cottage cheese and sour cream. You can make them last longer since they both have a very long shelf life.

With placing the sour cream or cottage cheese container upside down in the fridge, a vacuum effect will be created that will stifle the growth of bacteria that is causing the food to spoil.

16. Just like the brown sugar, you can also keep your salt from getting hard with only putting some grains of rice in it and that will absorb the moisture and it will prevent the salt from getting hard.

17. You can save your burned pan with sprinkling a little bit of baking soda and 4-5 teaspoons of salt. Pour water and like that you should leave it over the night.

The next day, just wash the pan one more time, like you regularly do and you will be speechless by this trick.

18. How to polish copper? –With using ketchup. Yes it is not a joke – ketchup.

 On it, sprinkle some ketchup and with a piece of cloth clean it.
19. You can eliminate the unpleasant smell of plastic containers even when washing does not help with only filling them with a newspaper so it can soak up the bad odor.

Before you use them after this trick, remember to wash it again.

20. The best way to clean stainless steel is with the help of alcohol.

Clean the affected area with pouring some alcohol on a piece of cloth and rub it well.