Sunday, 2 October 2016

5 things that will “kill” the desire for sweets


This healthy products will satisfy daily amount of sugar needed to body and will have positive effects. Sugar is necessary for normal body functions. Healthiest way to consume it it’s from natural foodstuffs, but not and with eating sweets.

This is maybe the best fruit that can reduce the desire for sweets. No needed to peel it, because its husk is rich with many vitamins. An even sour apple contains many healthy carbohydrates. Also contains dietary fibers which give satiety feeling and reduce the hunger.
It is effective against desire for sugar, because contain high amount of tryptophan, which help in production of serotonin. It is rich with chromium, mineral which reduce food desire and regulate level of blood cholesterol.
Another product which can help against sugar desire. Also reduces the hunger. The corn also contains antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber.

Sweet potato
Not only that will reduce the need of sweets, also will provide vitamin C, D and B6 to the body. Sweet potato can prevent the heart diseases, cancer and digestive problems.
It is fantastic spice with fabulous smell and taste. Can add it in many meals and is excellent against sweets desire. Also prevents oscillation of glucose level, which increasing desire for sweets.