Thursday, 20 October 2016

8 Magical Powers of The Garlic!!!


Garlic is a magical food. It keeps you safe from colds, urinary infections and provides you with many health benefits. It includes many nutritional compounds. It is very strong, natural antibiotic without any negative side effects. You can consume it fresh or cooked. In order to improve their overall health, the adults should consume a clove of garlic once in a day.
The garlic provides us with the following benefits:

1.Improve the immune system
Garlic is a great ally in the fight against lung infections, eases the breathing and coughing. You should eat garlic during the winter in order to prevent flu or cold. In case you feel the first symptoms of flu or cold, you should macerate a clove of garlic in honey and then eat it.
2.Remedy for hormonal disorders
Garlic contains a lot of iodine, which is the main reason for its effectiveness against hormonal disarrays. Its effectiveness is scientifically proved.
3.Lowers the high blood pressure
It is very helpful for lowering the blood pressure in people who are suffering from middleweight hypertension. In order to achieve this effect, you should eat several cloves of garlic daily. It reduces the blood pressure, calms the muscles in the blood vessels and at the same time makes them wider. Adenosine which is included in garlic is the main reason for this.

4.Helps ear inflammation
Garlic is perfect for treating ear inflammation, and the recipe for this remedy is very simple and easy to be made. Combine one tablespoon of hot olive oil with a crumpled clove of garlic and leave it to stay for one hour. Apply several drops in your ear and iterate this process twice a day.
5.Helps in baldness
It includes vitamin E, B6 and B1 which are vital for healthy hair. Garlic heals the hair root. In case you are losing your hair, you should rub your scalp with garlic oil and leave it to work for 19 minutes. Iterate the same process few times in a week.
6.Reduces the risk of cancer
The garlic decreases the risk of cancer. Peel the garlic and leave it to stay for 10 minutes in order to get the ingredients which are necessary for lowering the chances of getting cancer.
7.Reduces the itching of the feet
If you had enough of the annoying itching of your feet, you should put several cloves of garlic in warm water. Once the water has cooled down a bit, you should put them in the water and hold them for 20 minutes.
8.Reduces the toothache
In case you are suffering from toothache, you can use garlic in order to ease the pain. Crush down one garlic clove and apply it directly on the problematic tooth. The garlic will help you because of its analgesic and antiseptic properties.

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