Monday, 31 October 2016

Baby Has No Idea Dad Shaved His Beard, Has A Meltdown When She Pulls The Blanket Off His Face


Who doesn’t love a good game of peekaboo? Seven-month-old Anistyn Claire from San Antonio, TX, can’t get enough quality time in with her dad, JC, as they bond over the timeless game. She also notices everything, like when her dad shaves his beard and shows her his transformation.

Her unexpected reaction is hilarious, as she scans his face and notices what a difference shaving can make.
In the following video, JC reveals his clean shave to his daughter. Before he makes this major change, Anistyn Claire gets a kick out of JC hiding and surprising her, as babies get excited when playing peekaboo.
When JC shows his new look to Anistyn Claire, she is in shock! What her father thought would be silly took a turn for the unexpected. He said, “We decided to have a little bit of fun and capture Ani Claire’s reaction.” And it definitely paid off.
Her response is priceless as she scans her dad’s bare face to find herself disappointed, and then upset. The delayed reaction as the baby soaks her dad’s new look in shows how much of a difference shaving can make.
Anistyn Claire is clearly upset, and apparently prefers a more rugged man. Peekaboo isn’t for everyone, as reactions range from  shocked to tickled to downright terrified.

Don’t worry, Anistyn Claire. Hair grows back, and your dad will be his scruffy self in no time.
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