Friday, 14 October 2016

Beware: McDonald’s Burgers May Contain Human Meat


McDonald’s foods have been the subject of numerous controversies over the past years. Lately, a really nasty speculation about McDonald’s meat factory has been going around, leaving those who hear it aghast.
According to a controversial audio recording, McDonald’s “100%” beef burgers aren’t 100% beef at all. McDonald’s been using meat fillers on the said burgers, including worms and human meat.

Because of this, FDA inspectors investigated the matter and ended up at McDonald’s freezers in Oklahoma city. Unfortunately, what the inspectors found in the freezers proved the speculations to be true – there were human and horse meat, and some are already loaded in trucks ready to be delivered on the fast food chains.
Other restaurants were also inspected in the country and almost 90% of them have presence of human meat, while 65% have horse meat. “The worst part is that it’s not only human meat, it’s child meat. The body parts were found across the US factories and were deemed too small to be adult body parts. This is truly horrible,” says Lloyd Harrison, one of the FBI agents involved in the investigation.

Cannibalism, the practice of consuming another individual of the same species as food, has been in existence for over thousands of years. Some tribes are still practicing it today, and sadly, it seems the modern society is into this ancient practice as well.
All of McDonald’s facilities are under investigation, as authorities try to find answers to the befuddling questions: How long they’ve been using human meat in their products? Where did those human meat came from?
In the meantime, people are sure to avoid their restaurants.