Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Do You Have A Lump On Your Back, Neck Or Behind The Ear? See What It Means!


Probably everyone would be upset if they discover a lump somewhere on their body, since lumps aren’t supposed to occur as normal. Still, you should be aware that such lumps are pretty common and quite harmless.
Those lumps are one kind of cysts, known as epidermoid cysts, and they’re not the same as sebaceous cysts. This second kind of cysts is a result of the sebaceous glands – the glands responsible for lubrication of the hair and skin.
Such epidermoid cysts don’t have to be treated, but, people that have such cysts want to eliminate them because these cysts can cause infections and don’t look appealing.
The process of elimination of the epidermoid cysts doesn’t need some medical interventions, as there are certain useful natural remedies.

These are a few natural ingredients and methods that may help you eliminate epidermoid cysts:
1. Apple Cider
For the removal of epidermoid cysts, you may utilize this natural remedy which is very efficient because of the acetic acid contained in it. Apple cider eliminates infections and protects you from bacteria. All you need to do is apply apple cider on your cyst. Then, place a bandage or a cloth over the cyst to secure it.
Repeat this process every day for one week, until you notice a layer of hardened skin. Remove this layer and allow the cyst to drain. Then apply apple cider vinegar on the affected area for another week, and the results will soon be visible in a form of newly formed skin.

2. Dandelion
Epidermoid cysts could also be eliminated with a natural combination made of a tablespoon of dandelion and viola. Place the ingredients in some water and heat it, keeping in mind that it should be boiled for approximately 45 minutes. Strain the mixture after it’s boiled. Consume this natural remedy 4 times a day for about 10 days, or use it topically, putting it directly on the cysts.
3. Epsom Salt
This ingredient is known to be very effective in alleviating swelling and pain. Just add Epsom salt in the bathtub before you soak in it. The pain will disappear right away.

4. Aloe Vera
Apart from its various other uses, Aloe is also pretty efficient for eliminating this kind of cysts. Just directly apply Aloe Vera extract on your cyst or drink Aloe Vera gel.
5. Milk
Milk is one other effective remedy for making the lumps smaller and speeding up their healing process. The method is pretty simple: soak one tea bag in milk and apply it bag on the cyst, allowing it to stay on it overnight. Repeat this regularly basis and soon you will notice the results.
6. Honey
Prepare a mixture with some honey, banana and wheatgrass, and apply it on the cyst. Cover it using a bandage to protect it, letting the layer stay on overnight.
7. Castor Oil
Castor oil is another natural product that can help you reduce the lump size. All you need to do is apply castor oil on the cyst, and cover the layer with a cloth or hot bag of water. Do this regularly for best results.