Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Do You Use a Mobile Phone With a Touch Screen? This is Something You Need to Know!


While sitting in front of a computer, or viewed on a cell phone, many people do not know that they can cause the most problems. This can cause problems, such as “computer vision syndrome“. Its symptoms include eye pain or redness, blurred double vision and headaches.

Tips for prevention:

Take a break from the device if you can not stay away from it. People should not be slaves to machines.

You can give your fingers a break from typing and use voice to text features on the phone.

Also, you can try to knock the pen to reduce repetitive motion of the thumb.
It is recommended that you do not use the same muscles for other activities. Playing video games is not a good idea after you send the message.

Here are some tips to relax muscles, if you feel pain:

Apply cold compresses to the painful area.

Extend your hand and pull his hand back, stretching the muscles.

Stretch your arms back and pull your fingers gently toward you.

In addition, these types of injuries can lead to arthritis in adults.

But today, doctors can often see a lot of younger people with arthritis because of games and messaging.