Sunday, 23 October 2016

Eye health care: 5 amazing benefits of castor oil to eyes!


Castor oil is one of the well-known vegetable oil obtained from castor seed in its purest form. It was first found more than thousand years back and used in Egypt by the ancient Egyptians to burn lamps. People didn’t have any idea about the castor oil before but was used just to light lamps but later it came into use as medicine in many parts of the world like the Persia, china and India. You might remember that when you were kid, your parents or your granny must be applying you with the oil and even put a part of the oil into your ears and after which you would be dealing at ease!
Many voyagers like Herodotus have mentioned in their books about the usage of this oil in Egypt saying that it was used widely as a medicine. The reports even say that Cleopatra used this oil to brighten the whites of her eyes and when it came to 17th century most of the parts of America and Europe started using this amazing oil as an ointment.
Castor oil is increasingly catching attention of many people around the world and its main reason is due to cathartic, laxative and purgative being medicine.  Its popularity in beauty industry is growing so rapidly that even many of the world-wide well known stars are making use of this oil. It is in fact a good signs for people cultivating castor seed and also for the manufacturers of its oil. The health benefits of castor oil for eyes are unique and it is good understanding it:

1.Dry eyes
  • There is availability of castor oil drops in the market, for this condition those drops can be used because it is known as one of the best treatments for dry eyes.
  • It keeps your eyes moist at all times and helps in lubrication of the eyes.
  • Using this oil causes no side effects or any type of problem to the eyes.
  • Castor oil should be used as soon as you find dry eye problem because if it is left untreated then serious eye problem like keratoconjunctivitissicca is possible and this is the condition which is impossible to be treated with the help of home remedies.
  • After using this oil, it will merely take a couple of hours after which you will sense the relief from pain.
2.Cataract treatment
  • A drop of castor oil into the eyes every night before going to sleep will keep your eyes free from early cataract.
  • The castor oil is used at night before going to sleep because the oil clouds the surface of vision for some time and you will not be able to see for a couple of minutes. So it’s safe that we use castor oil at night then in the day time.
  • Curing cataracts will take for months and use it the number of times as per the situation and in which stagethe cataract has developed into.

  • Always remember that the Castor oil which is prepared for bath or oil packs is not to be used for treating eyes.
  • Due to several reasons, castor oil is not sobeneficial on the cataract in later stages so it’s better to use castor oil when it is in the early stage.
3.Boostsgrowth of hair
  • To improve the growth of hair near the eyes, castor oil is applied around eyelashes and eyebrows.
  • By applying on the surrounding areas of the eyes- hair of the eyelashes and eyebrows will grow thick and dark.
  • By using castor oil, the ingrown and inverted eyelashes can also be controlled and managed to get relief from irritation of the eyes.
4.Prevents eye infections
  • Castor oil is also used at time when there is a bacterial infection like conjunctivitis.
  • There is also availability of many medicinal drops but by using this oil, not only you’ll be free from bacterial infection but also other benefits are obtained by the eyes
  • Not only just eyes, but it is also beneficial to the skin and hair.
  • 5.Prevents Dark circles and wrinkles
    • By massaging the oil around the skin of the eyes-it makes the skin smooth and soft
    • This will help to prevent wrinkles and dark circles
    • By applying this oil- it will boost the blood circulation in these areas and will help to give you flawless skin.
    • Dark circles and wrinkles are some of the signs for ageing and these signs can be prevented by using this oil on the skin around the eyes.
    • It is also helpful in preventing crow’s feet.