Friday, 7 October 2016

How to Remove Unwanted Hair From the Face Naturally – 4 Homemade Methods of Epilation.

There are many different methods to remove your hair from the face. Some of them are really effective, such as Electroepilation, laser and photo epilation, but these methods are too much expensive.
So that in this article we consider the traditional methods of epilation of facial hair at home, which are cheaper, but they are with equal effects.
You can remove the hair from your face forever at home in a natural way, with these folk remedies:
  1. Homemade remedy for hair removal with baking soda.

This kind of treatment must be done before going to bed.
Add 1 tbs of baking soda in 200 ml of boiling water, mix in and leave to cool. Soak in this tincture a little piece of cotton or gauze, dry it a bit and put it on the place(s) where the unwanted hair grows. Stick into with a snippet and leave it all night.
In the morning, you can remove the wrapper, but be sure to put some nourishing cream on the problematic places.
After 2-3 treatments the result is positive: the facial hair will start to fall.
  2.    Second folk remedy for facial hair is plain pharmacy iodine.
To prepare this folk medicament you will need: 40 ml of 70% alcohol, 1.5 ml of ammonium, 2 ml of iodine, 10 ml of castor oil, hydroxide (10%).
Stir well all the necessary ingredients and leave until the mixture becomes colorless.
This composition should be scrubbed into the problematic areas in the morning and evening.
The hair will start to knuckle down after a few days of use. There are appeals that this is a return to permanently eliminate hair off your face.
   3.   Folk means to eliminate or reduce facial hair – oil nettle.
This recipe of the effective method has been known since long – time, it has been used by the beauties in the 17th century, and reads as follows:
On 3 tablespoons of nettle seed put 100 ml of any vegetable oil. Leave it for two weeks in a warm place.

Hereafter, strain it through strainer and place it into a glass jar and close the plug.
Put a piece of cotton or gauze soaked in nettle oil every evening, on the problematic parts of the face and leave it for ½ an hour (you can place a patch to secure it from falling). Later, wash the face with warm water and soap.
This kind of treatment is different for every woman. Do the treatment until the hair does not fall.
  1. Garlic as an effective tool for removing facial hair.
Scrub the problematic areas of the face with freshly juice of garlic, a few times a day.
Leave the juice of garlic on the face for ½ an hour, to achieve maximum results.
Later, wash it with warm water and apply cream.