Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Kim Kardashian Has Admitted To Lying About The Robbery


Via Huffington Post

If there has ever been a celebrity born that most certainly does not deserve the fame it would have to be Kim Kardashian, but before the hate brigade comes along allow me to explain. Kim has rode the coattails of success off her father, Ray J (and member), and Kanye to name the big ones, yet every single time she attempts to garner more attention on her own she ends up creating a mess she’s not capable of dealing with solo.

Take her clothing line for example: from a woman who claims to be so for human rights and “down to earth” she sure knows how to exploit foreign workers; then we have her Kardashian Credit Card, which targeted teens and also held a few hidden fees as well and that all is not including the false advertisement accusations. Even with all of that taken into account this latest fiasco of hers involving a robbery while husband Kanye was out on tour had the world in outrage.

Well it turns out that the outrage many across the globe felt is misplaced entirely, as Kim herself confessed to the production crew for her show that it was all done for publicity. Shocker. Fortunately for those of us who take false accusations wasting taxpayer dollars on police investigations this action might not be going unpunished for the reality-television star as the network hosting the Kardashian’s show has halted all production, with a notice out stating they’re not certain when it would resume. Keeping up with the Kardashians may finally be coming to an end after twelve years of airtime.

Even with the prospect of a return the film crew is standing firm that the show will not be resuming at all and that it’s been cancelled. The confession was filmed by the crew and is reportedly the would-be star’s final appearance on her own television show, but the fun doesn’t stop there. According to her claims her husband was in on the “prank” the whole time and is also partly to blame, attempting to divert some of the responsibility from the consequences. In a direct quote from her confession:

“I didn’t even know what we did was against Paris law. I just want to rewind my life. I’m not interested in any insurance money now, so people need to get over saying this is illegal.”

Basically, simply because she claims she wasn’t aware that falsifying police reports was against the law and aiming for insurance money after doing so she shouldn’t be held to the same standards of the law as everyone else. Not only does she have the gall to say something like that to her fans who support her, she’s basically rubbing in their faces that she’s better than they are – on a whole different level. This isn’t the type of person we need as a celebrity role-model for young girls, this is a rich-vs-poor wage gap issue personified entirely.

She’s currently sticking away from social media and has cancelled all of her upcoming appearances and has signed an NDA not permitting her to discuss any of the details of the whole incident until E! airs the last episode of the show. Officials in France have been outraged over the whole incident, as they should be, because if this incident does turn out to be a fake (as Kim admitted) then that’s many wasted hours of police time that they can’t get back. Could this be the beginning of a possible Kardashian prison sentence?

Source / HT: Fameolous