Tuesday, 25 October 2016



We have actually discovered many reports regarding earth and its modifications in recent times and not lots of emerge. Nevertheless, this time NASA has verified that earth will experience total darkness for 15 days in November 2016 beginning with November 15 to November 29.
According to NASA this phenomenon was in the pipeline for an extended period and the astronomers from NASA have notified that the world will experience an unusual event from November 15 at 3:00 am and it is likely to continue till November 30, 4:45 pm.

The authorities think this blackout is the result of an astronomical event between Venus and Jupiter. Charles Bolden, head of NASA released a 1000 page document which explains the occasion in detail to the White Home.
The reports declare that Venus and Jupiter will be extremely closely engaged and they will be separated by a mere 1 degree. Venus will exceed to the south-west of Jupiter which leads to Venus shining 10 times brighter than Jupiter and this light will warm up the gases in Jupiter triggering a reaction. The resulting gas reaction will launch a never prior to seen amount of hydrogen into the area which will reach sun at around 2:50 am.
When hydrogen reaches sun it will cause a huge explosion on the sun’s surface and it will have an impact on the temperature which increases to 9,000 degrees kelvin in no time.

The heat triggered by the entire procedure will require sun to develop into bluish colour and once it alters it colour it will take a minimum of 14 days to restore its regular temperature level and retaining its normal colour of Red Giant.
On the other hand, the light from sun will be much dimmer than regular and individuals will experience the change only after 2:58 am on November 15th.
“We do not anticipate any significant impacts from the Blackout occasion. The only impact this event will have on Earth is an increase of 6– 8 degrees in temperature. the polar cap will be primarily affected by this. Nobody should fret much. This occasion would be similar to exactly what Alaskans experience in the winter”. Bolden stated.