Monday, 17 October 2016

Not A Joke, Seriously: A Plant That Cures 75% Of Tumors In 15 Days! Researchers Claim That No Tumor Has Been Returned


Brushwood – the yellow tree is the plant that has excellent healing qualities which can fight the tumor cells. You can find ”Brushwood” in Queensland,Australia. Scientists have studied this plant for eight years and came to the extraordinary information- this plan can fight tumor !

Studies have shown that this plant cured the tumor in 75% of cases and, none of the cured tumors returned. This is because of the berries that are included in this amazing plant.

The researchers noticed that the drug has no side effects. The first effect is visible within five minutes, while all tumors are disappearing within 15 days!

This plant has its limitations, especially because it is very hard to grow it in areas outside of northern Queensland, Australia. But do not worry because there are plants that have similar effects on tumors and they are all around us. These are the 2 most powerful:

Graviola – very effective!

Many studies have shown that this plant successfully kills cancer cells  and is up to 10,000 times more effective than chemotherapy. Chemotherapy  is very exhausting, unlike Graviola treatment which is renewing your immunity.


If you consume carrots every day for 8 months, cancer will be gone and all swollen lymph nodes carcinogenic will return to normal. You can read the story about Ann here !