Sunday, 2 October 2016

Police Warn Leaving The Lights On Is Very Dangerous, Do Not Do This!


Criminals are finding more creative ways to commit crimes. That is why it is more important than ever for people to do everything that they can to protect themselves. Kandy Perry, who is a police officer, has made a video with tips that will help people keep themselves safe. She recommends that women keep their purses in front of them while walking. Women should also have their keys out in front of them while walking. Additionally, it is a good idea to put the phone away. Cell phones can be a distraction.

You should keep the outside lights around your home on at all times. Criminals love to lurk in the dark. Make sure that your windows are locked before you go to bed. A criminal will be able to instantly tell whether you have the windows locked. The bedroom light is usually the last one that people turn off before they go to bed. However, if a criminal is watching your home, then they will know when you have gone to bed.

If someone comes to your home at night, then you should let them know that you are home. However, you stand away from the door. This will prevent you from getting hurt in case a criminal tries to open the door.