Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Police Warning: Take A Photo Of Your Hotel Room As Soon As You Enter


When you check into a hotel room, offices warn that you should take a picture of the room as you as you get inside. There are many people who become victims of trafficking. People are kidnapped before being sold to others for everything from violence to slavery. This is where taking a picture of the hotel room will be a benefit as this is where most of the trafficking crimes begin.

Those who traffic people will take a picture of the victim before placing an advertisement. Most of the pictures that are taken are in a hotel room. If officers can get a small glimpse of the kind of furniture or the setting of the room, then it might mean that the officers can look at hotel records or videos to find the person who committed the crime.

There is an app called Traffick Cam that will alert officers in the area if it’s used. It can also send an alert if you take a picture of a person who you think might become a victim of trafficking. All you have to do is take four pictures and a list of the room number and the name of the hotel. Even if nothing happens that day, the images are stored with the location so that officers can match the hotel with the crime if one occurs at a later time.