Friday, 7 October 2016



Every woman wants to have an ideal body shape, which is why every woman makes constant changes, in order to achieve perfect and healthy look.
A group of scientists tried to give us the answer to how the perfect body should look like.
When it comes to the ideal figure, as we grow up, we come across many different challenges and opinions. In addition to those opinions and challenges, the fashion industry also imposes that skinny bodies are the perfect ones.
However the real truth is that these models are being tortured every day in order to fit these “skinny” creations. In fact, they are not even aware that they are living in a world where only they can wear their tinny little skinny dresses.

Now that you know what the real truth is you should also know that we are against all of this.
Even though we cannot tell the fashion people how to do their job, we can surely focus on the science and prove them wrong.
Namely the University of Texas conducted a study and the results of this study showed that the ideal body for a woman who is 1.68m tall is 99-63-91 bust/weight/hip measurements.
Many of you probably know her, but for the ones that do not know her, this is a Kelly Brook. She is a model and she comes from England. According to many people she is the so called “plump” model, however as you can notice, she looks amazing.

According to many scientists her body is the ideal regarding fertility and attractiveness. In addition the study came to a conclusion that most of the men are more attracted to the facial and body characteristics like hers and connect them with good health and youth.
Now let us take you to a journey and show you how the perfect female body evolved throughout history.


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I leave that perfect shape for you, dear scientists!