Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Warning Signs Your Liver Is Full of Toxins That’s Making You Fat! Detox it Immediately!


The liver is one of the most important organs in the body as it cleanses the body of toxins and waste.
It also has many other functions, but the most important one is to transform the toxins into safe waste that is eliminated from the body through urination and defecating.

Some of the other functions of the liver are: breaking down alcohol and drugs, digesting fats together with the gallbladder, processing the nutrients absorbed by the intestines and storing important vitamins and minerals, such as iron.
If we don’t provide the body with all the essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients, the liver becomes loaded with toxic chemicals.
What does the liver do with the toxins?
There are two ways for detox in the liver.
The first is the phase 1 liver detoxification, where the toxic substances, dangerous for the cells, are taken. They are transformed into less harmful toxins that can be handled by phase 2 liver detoxification.
In this phase, the toxins are paired up with molecules that make the toxins more water-soluble. In this way, they can be easily eliminated from the body.
Everyone must support their liver
Even people who lead a healthy lifestyle, which involves organic food, regular exercising, pure water and toxin free cleaning and personal care products can be exposed to toxins from the environment. These toxins come from plastic materials, the air, the factories, the soil, the cars and the water.
Are there toxins in your liver?
Toxins are lipid soluble, so they are stored in the fat tissue. When the liver function is impaired, the toxins are not removed from the body.

Fortunately, there are natural holistic ways that can improve the function of your liver and leave your body toxin-free.
Below, you can read about the signs of a toxin overload of your liver and how to solve this serious problem.
Sings of toxin overload:
• Negative emotions
• Dull headaches or migraines and headaches behind the eyes, which go away with rest
• Excessive sweating
• No gallbladder
• Acne or some skin conditions
• Imbalanced hormonal levels
• Sensitivity to chemicals
• Weight gain that cannot be explained
• Chronic fatigue
• Feeling drained or lethargic
• Chronic muscle or joint pain
• Inability to digest fats
• Allergies
• Diarrhea, gas, constipation, stomach pain and bloating
• Depression and anxiety
• Chronic bad breath
Food tips
A balanced diet is the key to a healthy body and life. Your liver cannot receive the right nutrients without your help.
First of all, you need to reduce the intake of processed products and “healthy foods”, like gluten-free products, which are actually loaded with sugar. Prepare your own meals with healthy ingredients, instead of eating out.
Here is how you can have a healthy diet:
• Always choose organic products.
• Eat a balanced diet. You should eat seeds, whole foods, nuts, high quality plant and animal proteins, healing fats, fermented foods and sprouted grains.
• Forget about inflammatory oils, such as sunflower, canola, safflower, corn, cottonseed, vegetable and soybean oil.
• Drink pure self harvested spring water or remineralized water.
• Consume more healing fats, such as hemp, coconut oil, avocado, red palm oil, grass-fed butter and ghee.
• Consume enough fiber (at least 35 grams a day). Whole food products that contain enough fiber are Brussels sprouts, chia seeds, broccoli, artichokes, avocados and golden flax seeds.
• Stop consuming refined sugar, such as beet sugar, brown sugar, cane juice crystals, white sugar, cane juice and cane sugar.
• Consume only 25 grams of fructose daily.
• Consume more leafy green vegetables, as they contain vitamin B, magnesium, vitamin C and folate.
• Consume more plant based and animal based amino acids found in beets, bone broth, cabbage, grass fed chicken and their eggs, parsley and raw spinach.
• Consume sulfur found in kale, pasture raised chicken’ eggs, onions, broccoli, garlic and Brussels sprouts.
• Drink kombucha instead of alcohol, especially if you have some of these symptoms.
The best ingredients for your liver
Artichokes support and improve the function of the liver. They also increase the production of bile. They reduce LDL cholesterol levels as well, due to the high amounts of fiber.
Artichokes preserve their antioxidant properties even when cooked. Eat artichokes in combination with Himalayan salt, raw garlic, coconut oil and ghee in order to support your liver.
Turmeric is well-known for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. The active ingredient in turmeric, curcumin, helps in flushing out of dietary carcinogens, which protects the liver and regenerated damaged cells.
For best absorption, combine turmeric with black pepper and healthy fats. Golden milk is an excellent choice, as it consists of fresh grated turmeric root, warming spices, plant milk, black pepper and coconut oil.
Milk thistle
Milk thistle contains anti-inflammatory, anti-fibrotic, antioxidant and anti-viral properties, which protect the liver from damage caused by drugs, viruses, alcohol and toxins.
Always choose GMO-free milk thistle for safety and best results.
Finally, remember how important the liver is for your body. If you have some of these symptoms or as prevention, try to follow these tips in order to lead a happy, healthy life.