Wednesday, 23 November 2016

5 Useful Tips To Help You Reduce Chest Wrinkles and Fine Lines!


The typical neck wrinkles are the feature that bothers us the most, for example, if you want to wear a low-cut dress. The factors that cause their apparition are, without any doubt, the years and the skin that is starting to lose its elasticity and tonicity.
It´s obvious that we won´t be able to get rid of them completely, but we will be able to attenuate and smooth them with some simple home remedies. Very affordable ones, in fact! We´ll explain it below.


Before we start, we must keep in mind a few simple facts. Lotions, balms and tonics are always a good way of reducing those neck wrinkles. But you´re also aware that it is of great importance to prevent wrinkles, by acquiring healthy habits that will improve our skin´s appearance, and prevent it from looking dry and without elasticity. Let´s take notes.


An excellent remedy that will help us increase the production of collagen in our necks, attenuate wrinkles and hydrate skin. How can we make it? Quite easy, we need a pot of plain yogurt, a spoonful of beer yeast and another spoonful of the wheat germ oil. We mix it all together until we get a homogenous paste.
We put it on the neck and we let it dry for 15 minutes. After that, we wipe it off with fresh water.  You can apply it thrice a week thus reactivating the formation of collagen in this part of the body. It will give you good results.


Ripe banana? –you´ll ask yourself. Well, yes, it´s great for skin regeneration and increase of collagen and elasticity. Very effective, a simple remedy that is worth giving a try. You just need to make a paste of a ripe banana, then, you add to it a spoonful of rose water, or, if you like it better that way, a spoonful of the rosehip essential oil. Apply it to the neck and leave it on for 20 minutes, and then, as always, wipe it off with fresh water. You can repeat this thrice a week.


Avocado couldn´t have missed the party. Its pulp is one of the most frequently used remedies for keeping the skin´s health and beauty, it has great moisturizing and healing powers, it´s an anti-age fruit that reactivates the production of collagen and is as effective as it is easy to find.
In this case it would be very useful if, instead of leaving it rest on your skin, you did an upward massage of your neck. You just need to mix the pulp of a half of an avocado with a spoonful of honey. By a circular massage, but always upward towards the head, we will improve the tonicity and elasticity. It´s very easy!
Remedy 4: Apple and Vitamin E vinegar
Vitamin E is essential in preserving our beauty, our skin, nails, and our hair. It would be great if you could come by a few capsules of the Vitamin E at your pharmacy or at your natural shop.
This simple and effective remedy is based on taking an egg yolk, putting it in a glass bowl and adding a capsule of the Vitamin E and a spoonful of apple vinegar. It´s simply perfect: it looks after our skin; it renovates it, hydrates it, gives it back elasticity and protects it from the free radicals.
It is a magnificent remedy and it´s worth preparing it at least three times a week before going to sleep. Apply it with a piece of cotton wool, doing an upward massage. After that, let it on your skin for 20 minutes and then wipe it off with warm water. You´ll note that your skin is freshened-up, hydrated and elastic. Don´t miss the opportunity to try it out.


This homemade remedy, very refreshing during the summer, can be used on both face and neck. Apply the paste on that body zone and leave it on for 20 minutes, then wipe it off with warm water.
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