Monday, 14 November 2016

7 Natural Ways To Confirm Your Pregnancy At Home!


Every woman on the planet wants to get pregnant at some point in her life.Pregnancy is a really amazing experience and even more amazing is the result which states that you are pregnant.
There are many different medical procedures that conárm your pregnancy, but at the same time you can also know whether you are pregnant or not by using various natural pregnancy tests which are very simple and cheap.

In the article Bellow we are going to present you some Natural Tests you can do it by Yourself at your Home:


The toothpaste is one of the simplest and the most effective ways of confirming your pregnancy. All you should do is take a clean container and collect the first urine in the morning. Then, put the container away. If in a short time the toothpaste changes its color to blue or turns frothy, this is a good newsyou’re expecting a a baby.


A concentrated soap could easily be the most trusty pregnancy test. Collect your first urine in the morning and put it in a small container. Then, add it to the concentrated soap solution ( you can use any soap for this). If the solution starts to bubble, you’re probably pregnant


The bleach test could also confirm your pregnancy. Collect the first urine in the morning and put it in a container. Add a teaspoon of bleaching powder in the container. If you’re expecting, then the urine will react with the bleaching powder and it will begin foaming and fizzing.


We’re all familiar with the fact that pregnancy often causes a change in the hormonal levels in the organism. Dandelion leaves identify this sort of changes and it makes them perfect detector for pregnancy. In order to make this test, you’ll need fresh dandelion leaves. Spread these leaves on paper and put them on the floor, avoiding direct exposure to sunlight. Then, urinate on this leaves in the morning. If there are reddish blisters appearing on the leaves after 10 minutes, you might be pregnant. If you don’t feel comfortable with this, then collect your urine in a bowl, and soak the leaves in them. It will have the same results.


Pine sol is another way to confirm your pregnancy at home. Pine sol is commonly found in many cleansing agents. You can find it in markets and stores. The thing you have to do is to collect your first urine in the morning in container. Wait for 5 minutes and then add a few drops of pine sol solution to the container. Then, wait for another 10 minutes. If the solution starts to change its color after this period, the pregnancy is confirmed. If the solution stays clear, you’re not expecting.


This method includes a solution made up of ¼ cup of vinegar and ¼ of tuna juice. This solution need to be kept all night long. Collect the first urine in the morning and pour it into this mixture of vinegar and tuna juice. If you’re expecting, then the mixture will turn into bright green. Nonetheless, if it becomes yellow or orange, you’re not pregnant.


Once in a while, all it would take is some mustard powder to affirm whether you are pregnant or your menstrual cycles just missed their stamp for different reasons. Absorb a bathtub loaded with boiling hot water and some mustard powder for around 20 minutes or somewhere in the vicinity. Wash up in warm water a short time later. Mustard would erupt body warm. So on the off chance that you are not pregnant, you would get your periods inside the following couple of days (4-5 days). In the event that you don’t get your periods, then you can afárm that you are pregnant.