Tuesday, 1 November 2016

COCONUT OIL AND LEMON MIXTURE: It Turns Gray Hair Back To Its Natural Color


Gray hair is a natural process that comes with age which no one is especially fond of. The problems can also be caused by other factors such as genetics, chemotherapy, malnutrition, etc. Numerous hair products claim that they can cover gray hairs. However, most of them are inefficient, and they are not exactly affordable. Luckily, there is a solution – many natural remedies can help you cover your gray hairs and we have one for you which is considered the best.

Coconut oil and lemon against gray hair
Coconut oil has incredible health benefits, especially for the hair. It contains lauric acid and some fatty acids which can strengthen the root of your hair and help it grow again. Aside from the fatty acids, coconut oil also contains vitamins and minerals that can remove sebum buildup produces by the hair follicles.
Many cosmetic products contain coconut oil due to its incredible hair benefits. It can stimulate hair growth, moisturize your hair, soften it and give it a rich look. Lemon is another ingredient beneficial for the hair. The tropical fruit is rich in vitamin B and C, phytonutrients and possesses antioxidant properties that can prevent gray hair.
The remedy will not prevent the natural aging process, but it will stop or prolong it. Besides covering up your gray hairs, it will also provide your hair with nutrients and make it look great again. Here’s how to prepare it:
3 tablespoons of lemon juice
50 ml. of coconut oil

Mix both ingredients in a bowl, then apply the remedy on wet hair and massage it onto your scalp. Leave it to work for 45 minutes, then wash your hair as usual. Repeat the procedure twice a week for best results.