Sunday, 20 November 2016

How To Remove Blackheads Naturally Using Only 2 Ingredients


We are going to talk now about two skin condition which can be caused by multiple factors and often require a visit to the dermatologist to fully cure, but still, there are some ways which may help you maintain the appearance of your skin and minimize the pores.
What Clogs Pores?
A substance known as sebum is being secreted from our skin pores. This is an oily substance which helps our skin to remain moisturized and protected, but sometimes, combined with the dead skin cells; it contributes to clogging of the pores and formation of acne.

The whiteheads and the blackheads are different types of acne.
Blackheads: these are the black bumps that are the affected pores in which the material pushes out through the follicles. Their black color does not come from dirt. Dirt does not even cause acne in the first place. The black color is actually the result from bacteria, dead skin cells and matter that has reacted with oxygen and changed its color.
Whiteheads: these are the white dots on your skin, which are actually the pores affected by oil and skin covered by a few skin layers.
Acne can be made worse by:
  • picking or squeezing spots, which help the bacteria penetrate deeper into the skin and it also causes scarring

  • in adolescent girls and adult women, usually two to seven days before the beginning of the menstrual period, they are result from the changes in the hormone levels
  • friction which is due to leaning on or rubbing the skin or harsh scrubbing
  • stress
  • over-washing, which can contribute to increased inflammation and oil production
  • pressure caused by bike helmets, tight collars or backpacks
How Do Pore Strips Work?
The pore strips are strips which are being attached or glued to the sebum that is clogging your skin pores. While the strips dry, they grip unto the sebum and thus make it easier to lift up. When you remove the pore strips, they cause the sebum that is stuck unto them to be removed as well and the pores are then being completely emptied.
The problem with the pore strips is that they do not always attach well to the blackheads or cannot reach all of them. They also cannot prevent blackheads or acne from appearing again, they just help in reduction of their appearance.
How To Make Your Own Natural Pore Strips
  • a tablespoon of organic milk
  • a tablespoon of natural gelatin powder (organic if possible)
  1. mix the ingredients well in a microwave-safe cup
  2. place this mixture in a microwave and heat it for ten seconds (you are not supposed to eat it)
  3. wait for a minute or two for it to cool down
  4. using an old make-up brush, apply some of the mixture to the back of your hand
  5. once you have made sure it is not too hot, apply the rest of the mixture to your nose
  6. let the mixture stay on your nose for about ten minutes until it is completely dry
  7. thoroughly peel the strip off
  8. afterwards, apply your regular moisturizer
For best results, avoid using these natural strips more than once in every three days. However, you can apply tea tree oil instead, as it has great anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties and it can help you with the stubborn pores between treatments.