Monday, 28 November 2016



We don’t pay much attention to the butterfly -shaped thyroid which goes through our trachea, just until it starts working improperly. We can say that it has the role of thermostat in your body. If you turn it down, that means that you are hypothyroid having the following symptoms: you are tired, cold, constipated or even depressed. If you turn it high-you are hyperthyroid which includes symptoms such as a high heart rate, intolerant heat, or even diarrhea. The two conditions may equally result in even worse health situation.
Treatment of hypothyroidism- lowered secretion of thyroid hormone (contrary to hyperthyroidism)

 The problem can`t be diagnosed at the beginning and thus, it slowly damages the thyroid gland. Hypothermia, anemia, seizures and lowered supply of blood to the brain are some of the diseases that can be caused in the late phase of hypothyroidism.The disease includes symptoms such as: depression, feeling of confusion, fatigue, pain in hands, feeling cold all the time, constipation, hair loss or dry hair, weight gain, slow heartbeat, slow talking, blunt terms, or in other words the disease delays all the functions of the organism.
We offer you a healthy and natural recipe for treating hypothyroidism.
In lack of iodine, this drink is very helpful during the process of treating the thyroid gland, and only one dose of it is enough for the best results.
Recipe- ingredients for the drink
Homemade honey- 1 kilo
Green young walnut- 40 pieces
Wash the walnuts, and when dried, prick them with a knife or with a needle on several places. Take a jar, put them in and add the honey. Leave the jar exposed to the sun and don’t close it with a lid. After 40 days, filter the liquid and put it in a bottle or in another jar.
For an effective treatment, consume 2dl of the liquid each day.

In order for the thyroid gland to function normally, you need to have an intake of 200 micro-grams of iodine a day.