Tuesday, 29 November 2016



You need to read this no matter whether you are single or married.
A guy went home after work and his wife served dinner. He grabbed her hand and said that he had something very significant to tell her. Seeing pain in her eyes he was not able to open his mouth and say a word, but finally he succeeded to say something. He said that he wanted a divorce. The woman sat quietly and did not seem upset, but asked softly why he wanted that.
They did not talk during the night. She was crying and wanted to know what happened to him.

It had to do with their marriage, but he couldn’t tell what. She lost his heart and had another woman called Joan. He was no longer in love with his wife, instead, he pitied her. He felt guilt, but wrote the divorce agreement with which she got the house, the car, and 30% of their business.
Even though they spent 10 years together, they were like strangers now. He pitied her, the energy was lost, but nothing was going to change a he loved Joan. She started screaming suddenly and the idea of divorce was clearer to him, now.
The following day when he got back home he did no ant to have dinner, but was very tired, and thus went straight to bed. He saw his wife writing something on the table. Once he woke up, he saw her sill writing, but he did not mind, thus turned and continued sleeping. In the morning he she introduced him to divorce conditions. She did not want anything from him, but what she wanted was a month’s notice before the divorce.
They would have to live together for a whole month as if nothing happened. Her reason was that their son had a whole month of tests and she did not want to bother him with broken marriage. The man agreed. There was another request, though. He had to agree to carry her to their room like the day they got married for the whole period. Even though he thought she was crazy about this he accepted.
After he expressed his intention for divorce they both did not have any physical contact, thus once he took her in his arms they were both feeling very bad. Their son walked behind and while clapping he was saying: “Dad is carrying mom in his arms!” This gave him a lot of pain.
He walked for 10 meters with his wife in his arms and she closed her eyes asking him not to tell their son about the divorce. He went to work and drove alone. The following day they were more relaxed. She leaned against his chest and he was able to feel her fragrance on the blouse. He realized that he did not look at this very carefully and that she was no longer young, had some wrinkles, some gray hairs. This was a notable damage to their marriage. He asked himself what he did. During the fourth day he felt that some affection returned to them. He though how this woman gave him 10 years of her life. During the fifth and sixth day it continued like that and he did not want to tell anything about Joan.
Each day it got easier to carry her and he started getting used to her weight. One morning she was looking what to wear and tried many dresses , but they were too big. He realized that she was very thin and because of that he did not feel her weight load. He realized that he provoked pain and bitterness.
She touched his hair and their son entered the room saying that it was time for him to take his mommy to the room. This became an essential part of the boys’ life. The woman hugged him and covered his face. He was afraid that he might had second thoughts about the divorce. When h was holding her it felt like the first day of their wedding. She stroked his neck softly and naturally and he held her strongly, just like their first day of marriage. He hugged her, but felt that she was very thin and this made him very sad. During the last day he just hugged her and did not want to move. He realized that they did not have privacy.

Their son went at school, he drove to the office, left the car without closing it, climbed the stairs and Joan opened the door . He told her that he did not want to divorce his wife. Joan looked at him asking if he had fever, but he replied that he loved his wife. It all came to a routine, everything that they did, and this became boring. They were not valuing the details in their lives. He said what he did during the past month. Joan started mourning, slapped him, and closed the door. He went to the florist and bought flowers to his wife. The girl asked what o write on the card and he said: ”I will carry you each morning until death parts us”. He arrived at the house with flowers in his hands and a smile, running up the stairs, but he found his wife dead.
She was battling cancer and he was so busy with Joan that he did not realize. She knew that she was dying and for that reason she asked for that month notice before the divorce so that their son is not stressed with all this.
At least in this son’s eyes the memory of his father as a husband who loved his wife. These are small details that matter in a relationship. This creates an environment that will lead to happiness. Try to keep your marriage happy. All of the stories are the same, they give up when they are about to enter to success. We do not appreciate the things until we lose them.
We really hope that this made you think twice.