Friday, 25 November 2016

Say No To Roundup! Make This 3-Ingredient Natural Pesticide Instead For Your Garden.


Organic gardening and produce have become quite common in recent times, with people starting to be aware of the dangers of using commercial gardening products. Nowadays, most markets have a section devoted to organic produce, and health stores selling organic fruits and vegetables have started appearing on every corner.
However, just because they’re organic, it doesn’t mean that these fruits or veggies are pesticide or chemical-free. Organic farmers are allowed to use chemicals on their crops. So, is there any other solution?
Organic pesticides
Organic produce implies using organic pesticides on the crops made from natural sources which are lightly processed before use. This differs from conventional agricultural methods which involve synthetic pesticides. Organic farmers also use special tools such as insect traps or biological controls to deter insects off their crops.

There are also rules for organic farmers which say that they can’t spray pesticides with equipment that has been used to spray synthetic pesticides in the past 3 years. The National Center for Food and Agricultural Policy puts copper and sulfur on the top of the organic pesticides list.
Knowing your farmer when buying produce is the best way to know if it’s organic. Try buying locally anytime you can, and ask the farmers for the methods they use.
Organic pesticides for your garden
There is an increasing number of plants that produce natural bactericides, fungicides and insecticides, and you can also use household products to fend off garden pests.
USDA recommendation

1 teaspoon of natural liquid wash detergent
1 cup of olive oil
1 quart of water
Spray bottle
Mix the detergent and olive oil in the bottle, then shake well before adding the water. Spray this deterrent every 10 day to keep aphids, spider mites, white flies and other insects away from your crops.
Liquid detergent-alcohol spray
1 teaspoon of liquid detergent
1 cup of rubbing alcohol
¼ of a cup of water
Spray bottle
Mix the ingredients in the bottle, then shake it well and your spray is prepared. Before applying it on your plants, test it on a few leaves to see if it irritates them.
Growing your own vegetables and using these DIY spray to keep insects away is the best option to make sure that you’re eating organic and healthy produce.