Saturday, 12 November 2016

Take a Glass of This Juice and Forget the Drugs


According to experts, if you regularly consume half a liter of this juice you will double the value of plasma nitrates, which will impact your muscle strength and considerably decrease your blood pressure.
If you want to treat anemia successfully, detoxify your body, improve your immunity and increase your stamina and your energy levels, you will have to start consuming one ingredient – beet.
This vegetable is really popular amongst athletes because it increases the endurance during exercise and works as ‘natural doping’ for the body.

If you lack physical strength for your training or if you want to run around the playground and keep the air in your lungs, it is enough for you to consume the potent beetroot juice which came back to the list of the healthiest foods.
Beetroot juice is excellent for boosting your stamina during exercise, increasing your physical strength, and this is all thanks to the high amount of nitrates in its content.
A UK research has proven that the juice of the freshly pressed beetroot aids athletes to endure a training that is longer and more difficult than usual, up to 16 percent.
The experts claim that if you consume half a liter of the beetroot juice on a daily basis, you will double the value of plasma nitrates, which has a considerable impact on the muscle endurance, while the  blood pressure significantly lowers.

  • One kilogram of beet
  • Juice of one lemon
  • One tablespoon of honey
Peel and grate the beets and place them in a bowl. Then, add the lemon juice and the honey to it and they will add up to the flavor considerably. And neutralize its earthly taste.
Let the mixture stand for about three hours and then use a dense sieve for straining. Squeeze the beet well to get as much juice and fiber as possible.
This drink is consumed in the morning on an empty stomach.