Saturday, 5 November 2016

These Foods Damage Our Skin and we Consume Them Daily


We all should avoid foods which are bad for our skin. Because we consume them daily, our skin looks tired, unhealthy and glow-less. Pimples may appear, acne and other skin irregularities.

Among all the bad ingredients that can cause skin damage, surely the worst of them is sugar. But not all sugar is bad. The one who is found in fruits is way better than sugar in sweets and processed foods.

Refined sugar is particularly bad, but instead of a variety of sweet snacks you can rather choose raisins or apples.

Milk products may be healthy for us, but our skin can act badly because they can be full of growth hormones, which enters in the bloodstream and can cause inflammation of the skin and the appearance of pimples.
In addition, you should avoid processed and carbonated juices, because they are full of sugar and don’t contain any fiber, which helps the body to process sugars.
Due to changes in the level of blood sugar, your skin may age faster, so if you do not want wrinkles, leave the can of soda.

For healthy skin the best things are fruits and vegetables, which is a has a lot of water and vitamins.
Thank you for reading. Share this with family and friends, and in case you crave sweets, always choose fruits over chocolate.