Wednesday, 2 November 2016

This Will Shock You – The Juice That Treat Diabetes, Gastritis , Lower Blood Pressure and …


The healing characteristics of the potato are well known hundreds of years ago. Especially the potato juice helps curing many diseases. We can treat successfully:
Gastritis – 1 spoon potato juice diluted with a little water should be consumed half an hour before breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Gastric ulcer– 50 ml potato juice on an empty stomach and 50 ml potato juice before lunch and dinner

Blood sugar – everyday potato juice consumption
As an addition to the white lungs treatment – everyday potato juice consumption
Cancerous diseases – the potato juice is a part of the Brois`s treatment therapy for curing cancer.

Diseases attacking the spleen, liver, heart problems, common headaches and menstrual pain – everyday potato juice consumption
Preparation of the potato juice :Wash out the potato and remove the green parts from the crust. Put the potato into a juicer and not for a minute you will have a glass full of health. Instead of using the juicer you can grate the potato and with a linen towel strain it. You drink it fresh.For a better taste you can add honey, lemon juice, carrot or an apple.