Sunday, 13 November 2016

WARNING: NEVER reheat these food! These might end your life!


Most of us, especially us Filipinos, tend to use the microwave to reheat food. We don't want to waste food that's why we ended up reheating and reheating food until there's none left. 

However, using a microwave to reheat food could actually bring harm to you. 

Here's the list of food that you should never reheat in the microwave:

1. Spinach

- This contains nitrate that transforms into nitrites when heated. Nitrites are highly carcinogenic and could cause cancer. 

2. Celery

- Just like spinach, celeries also contain nitrates that transform into nitrites when heated.

3. Beets

- This contains nitrates, when it's heated, all of its benefits will turn into a carcinognic ones.

4. Potato

- This is known as a food that contains lots of benefits for us, but when they get warmed in a microwave, potato loses all the benefits making it dangerous for your health.

5. Eggs

- Fried and booiled eggs are actually dangerous when subjected to high temperature.

6. Chicken

- Reheating chicken could cause its protein structure to change that could really be dangerous to your digestive system. 
7. Mushroom

- Reheating mushroom could really upset your stomach. Always make sure that you'd remove them from the dishes before reheating them.