Tuesday, 29 November 2016



The HIV virus is transmitted through blood, unprotected sex, or used needles. However, this list does not end there. Namely, it was confirmed that a Brazilian woman was discovered to be HIV-positive after using a nail clipper that was infected with the virus.

After volunteering for blood donation she discovered the ugly truth. Her blood parameters were in the optimal range she took tests and there was a sign of high viral load. She denied that the infection was gained through sex or drug abuse, and her mother was also tested, however, the tests came out HIV-negative for her. The girl remembered that she shared a manicure equipment with a cousin who was later tested HIV-positive about 10 years ago at a nail salon.
Her and her cousin’s samples were analyzed and doctors concluded that their viral genetic material is a match. It proved that she contracted the virus through a simple nail clipper. The CDC does not include nail clippers on the list of HIV-spreading mechanisms.

HIV is not transmitted through a usual contact like sharing eating utensils, or drinking from the same water glass. According to scientists, getting the virus through a manicure equipment is a rare event that should not make people fear HIV or contact with infected people. The recent case of this girl shows that this needs to be changed very soon.