Friday, 30 December 2016

12 Everyday Habits That Destroy Our Health and Have Permanent Consequences for Our Body and Our Descendants (Number #10 Is Something You Would Never Think Of)


Avoiding all the things that represent a threat to our health is impossible. Some people like to light up a cigarette from time to time, some like to eat sweets and candies, and some do not really like exercising.
The question that poses here is how often we repeat these habits that are not good for us. Take a look at these 12 things we do every day and thus harm our health and wellbeing subconsciously.

1. Too much sleeping is bad, but insufficient sleep is also very bad for our health

The lack of sleep causes troubles with the memory and the process of thinking, while people who sleep too much have problems with the quality of their night’s sleep. It is a vicious circle, you either sleep too much or you do not sleep enough. Either of the two affects the quality of your night’s sleep in a bad way.

2. It is not recommended that you take a shower too often or wash your hair on a daily basis

This may sound strange, but the frequent and long showering may harm your skin. Also, it is not good for you to wash your hair every day. The frequency of washing of course depends on your hair type, so you would need to follow the signs it provides and wash your hair in accordance with them. However, it is a fact that you need to make pause between two washings. The more often you wash it, the oilier it would get.

3. Breathing from your chest

This is the way most people breathe in. However, this is bad and improper, as it leads to insufficiently deep breathing. The right way for us to breathe in is inhaling from the diaphragm or the abdomen. While breathing from the chest causes our heart to beat faster, the deeper breathing helps us regulate our blood pressure, blood circulation, and deal with stress. One of the ways in which you can learn how to breathe properly is by taking yoga classes.

4. Pay attention to the position you sit in

This is something you need to take seriously as it may cause various physical and mental issues. The improper position of your body can affect your organs, especially your lungs and your heart. Also, too much sitting can make you slower. Shortly, the more you sit, the less energy you have.

5. Elimination of a huge group of ingredients

We all try to avoid the intake of carbohydrates or fat, but their complete elimination from our dietary regimen is not the smartest idea. Our body needs all the types of nutrients in order to function optimally. Both carbohydrates and fat are pretty important for our energy levels and the cognitive processes.

6. Excessive exercising

Excessive exercising can be as bad as inactivity. In case you exercise too much, you need to know that your body won’t take this well. You always need to make a balance between your workout, your diet, and your rest, or you will feel tired and week. Moreover, you will also feel depressed, and you will experience mood swings and lack of enthusiasm.

7. Watching TV before sleeping

Watching TV before sleeping is a habit you need to avoid, especially watching horror movies or movies with an upsetting content. The light that is being emitted from the TV screen is not good for the brain that is getting prepared for sleeping. Moreover, this may also affect your dreams.

8. High heels

High heels are bad for your feet, knees, ankles, bones, and your spine. Yes, the wonderful shoes you love that much do affect all of these body parts in a negative way. You do not have to completely quit wearing them, but you should still try to wear them as rarely as possible.

9. The suspicious effects of the antibacterial soaps

These soaps definitely eliminate the bacteria; however, this can be both good and bad. Another problem is the fact that these soaps won’t kill the bacteria. It is really questionable how helpful these soaps can be when it comes to prevention of certain diseases.

10. Your washing machine must be clean

People tend to wash everything, from towels to clothes. Some things you put into your washing machine are very dirty, and when this process is being repeated for so many times, especially when a lot family members live together, the result is frequent doing laundry and a lot of dirt into the washing machine. This is why the washing machine must be cleansed from time to time. Otherwise, you pose yourself and your family at risk of getting sick with Escherichia coli.

11. You wear your contact lenses for too long

This is a bad habit because of a few reasons, one of them being the fact that your eyes need to take some break from wearing contact lenses so that they come into contact with oxygen. This explains why you feel terrible when you wear your contact lenses for quite some time or when you wear them while sleeping, having forgotten to take them off. If you wear your lenses for too long or too often, you can cause them damaging your cornea.

12. Exercising before sleeping

During the workout, your heart rate increases, and all of your muscles become tense, so it is hard for them to relax after the workout and get ready for a nice and peaceful night’s sleep.

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