Tuesday, 13 December 2016

5 Foot Exercises To Relieve Back, Hip, And Knee Pain In 20 Minutes Or Less


People usually don’t pay much attention to their feet and they forget to take proper care of them, but that is wrong because our feet are the ones that allow us to move around and to perform our daily activities. Taking care of our feet will have positive effect on our overall health. The feet are the hardest working part of our body, so taking proper care of them will prevent knee, hip and back pain.
Fortunately, there are some beneficial exercises that will help you balance, prevent pain from occurring and strengthen your feet.

However, you need to warm up your feet first, before performing these exercises. Try pressing the top of your feet because it will warm them up. You can also warm them up with a relaxing movement, all you need to do is to stand up straight and bend your knee slightly. Grip the floor with your toes and hold in that position for 3 seconds. Repeat this exercise for about 10 times, three times a day.
Toe Walking:
Performing this exercise will help you strengthen the muscles in your toes. Moreover, it will strengthen your muscles and ligaments around the balls of your feet. Just stand on your tiptoes like ballerina and walk forward for 20 seconds. Take a 15 seconds brake and repeat this exercise 5 more times for best results. Do this twice per day.

Toe Pencil Pickups:
This extremely easy exercise can be done just about everywhere. Put a pencil on the floor in front of you and gab it with your toes. Hold the pencil for 10 seconds before dropping it. Do this 5 times
Ankle Circle:
An extremely important thing is the mobility and flexibility of ankles. When your ankles are tight and restricted, they cause the body to compensate for the flaws, which can result in joint and muscle pain in the entire body. Tight ankles may cause knee, back or hip pain.
In order to perform this exercise, you need to lay down on the floor. Extend one leg over your head and rotate the ankle in the clockwise direction. Repeat this ten times. After that, repeat the same exercise with the same leg but in the anti-clockwise direction ten times. Switch the leg and repeat.
Resisted Flexion:
In order to target the muscles in your feet, make sure to perform this exercise. It is very important to keep balance so the muscles in your feet are crucial for that operation. Performing this exercise will help you strengthen your muscles so you will prevent any kind of injuries.
All you need is an exercise band to perform this exercise. Sit on the ground and straight your feet out. You will need a chair in  order to wrap the exercise band round it.  Put the top of the band over your feet and while staying seated on the floor slide back. Once the band is tense, stop. Flex your foot backwards and hold this for 5 seconds and slowly release. Do this 10 times.