Thursday, 22 December 2016

6 Health Issues That Are Caused Of Sleep Deficit


The sleep is a crucial vital process for the health and well being of every person for both the mental and physical health. it is the only way to get energy after a long day of stress.
While you sleep, many processes inside occur and aid our brain to keep many data and memory inside so every cell works to repair damaged tissues and rejuvenate them.
Then again, when we have sleep deficit, these issues stop working and we have cranky mood and feel tired, but also have health problems along this.
Studies shown this causes serious health issues that even threaten the life like diabetes, heart problems, cancer and more. These are the 6 worst:
Cardiovascular issues- there is a big link between heart issues and sleep deficit and this was proven before too. The best evidence for this is a strong link between a study of recently from the EuroHeartcare, yearly conference of the European Society of Cardiology. For 14 years those experts monitored 657 men of Russia of ages 25-64 and said more than half of them who had this deficit also had heart attacks. Also, those who had this deficit had even 4 times more risk of strokes and 2.6 more times risk of myocardial damage.

A 2014 study said the sleep deficit and too much sleeping leads to this colitis, or IBS that comes with ulcers inside the digestion tract and comes with Crohn’s disease too. Experts of the Massachusetts General Hospital said the right sleep amount is vital to fight inflammation inside digestive tract and stop other diseases too. Also it was found that women who got in the Nurses Health Study ever since 1976 and NHS II of 1989 made discoveries like that one that colitis was more seen in those who slept 6 or less hours per night. Also, 9 hours of sleep made risks too, so there must be a middle between these too. The results were seen in elder and adult women for this colitis case, despite other factors like weight, age or habits like alcohol or cigarettes.
Many experts and studies pinpointed the link between diabetes and lack of sleep, but a team of experts of Chicago University made a study where was shown this sleep deficit causes obesity and diabetes. Experts said this deficit impacted piling up of fatty acids inside the blood and impacted the insulin work on the blood sugar. They saw 19 patterns in men and women who slept just 4 hours for 3 whole nights. They had more fatty acids in the blood between the times 4 and 9 a.m. and this was 15-30% increase compared to those that slept 8.5 hours nightly. Also, experts said this amount of more fat acids leads to more insulin resistance or pre-diabetes state.
The John Hopkins University experts made a study of 2013 that said sleep deficit causes Alzheimer’s and its progress too. This study was backed by previous studies and said sleep is crucial for the brain to remove its brain waste buildup that can lead to dementia. The study had 70 adults involved between 53-91 and they had sleep deficit every night thus they had more beta-amyloid deposits in the brains, as the PET scans showed. This item was a marker causer in Alzheimer’s meaning lack of sleep stops the brain to remove the brain waste.

In the journal Cancer Epidemiology, biomarkers and prevention was said in a 2013 study that those with sleep issues had more risk of prostate cancer. Experts monitored 2, 425 men of Iceland of ages 67-96, for 7 years and said the risk of this cancer is higher by 60% for those who couldn’t sleep. This number got double in those who woke up during the night. Also, those with sleep problems discovered the cancer in the late stages. This link was given to melanin, the sleep hormone, experts claim. The more melatonin, the more stopped the tumor growing will be, and those levels which got exposed to artificial lights had worse tumors than the rest.
In a study of 2014 was examined the link between higher suicide tendencies and deficit in sleep, no matter the depression state. Experts of Stanford university of Medicine made a study lasting a decade and had 420 people in it, from middle to old age. 20 people who had sleep deficit sadly committed the suicide and this made experts think that sleep deficit people have 1.4 more risk of suicide. Also more at risk were white males of 85 or older, so experts said suicide risk is linked to poor sleep and stress with aging.