Tuesday, 6 December 2016



When it comes to strokes, a needle can save a patient’s life. This method was used by a Chinese professor who says that everyone should keep a needle around the house, because it can be an incredibly useful and unconventional tool for helping a person to survive a stroke.
When someone is having a stroke, his/her brain capillaries start to gradually burst. Here’s what you can do to save a person’s life!
Remain calm! Regardless of where the person is located, do not move him/her, because if you move a person that is having a stroke his/her brain capillaries might burst and lead to a cerebral hemorrhage! It would be for the best if you had an injection needle or a sowing needle available, because it would be very useful.

Take a lighter and use it to sterilize the needle, and then sting each of the 10 fingertips of the person having a stroke.

The stings should be several millimeters spaces from the fingernails and you should only sting deep enough, for blood to appear. If you don’t see any blood drops, press the finger to stimulate the blood flow. When all 10 fingers start to bleed, wait for a several minutes and you’ll see the person recovering!
Also, if the person’s mouth is twisted you should massage the ears until they turn red, then prick the soft tissue of both ears and squeeze two drops of blood out of each ear. Wait for several minutes until the mouth restores back to normal.
When the person’s condition normalizes you can drive him/her to the hospital.
This method of saving a person from a stroke is a part of traditional Chinese medicine and it proved to be 100% effective in practice. This method is tried and tested and it really helps people survive strokes.