Thursday, 22 December 2016

Blow The Thumb And See What It Causes For The Body


The human body is a real mystery and science cannot have answers for everything as far as vital functions go. For example, soreness in joints triggers the other issues and their healings.
The good part is that with few simple tricks you can soothe the soreness in throat and relieve nose congestion too.
If you focus stimuli on some spots and apply hand tricks, even stress, pain and similar issues can be treated easily.
Sore throat
Make a cup of warm tea and salt solution for gargling to relieve the unpleasant feeling for the time being. But what more can you do?
The itchy throat is awful and won’t go away. For Men’s Health interview, MD Scott Schaffer, the President for ear, nose and throat center claimed to have the secret for throat relieving. As to him, you have to scratch the ear! If the ear nerves get stimulated, this makes a throat reflex that triggers spasm in muscles. That spasm makes the feeling eased up.

Chilled nerves
After this trick, you no longer will suffer of stress. Just get ice cold water and splash it on the face. Hold the breath and do it! The power of the ice tricks the brain for the mammalian diving reflex naturally. Makes you use oxygen in a better way to be calm again. WebMD claimed there is a link between stress and ice cold water and this was recorded even years ago. Also, drink cold water. Gives you the same effect as splashing it.
Do not fear needles
Focus the mind on something else and do not fear the needle, it is not a danger. Next time you are near the nurse and needle, cough a little bit before the injection. The pain won’t come to your mind! But, say this to the nurse, unless you want to be asked why you cough so much.
Clearing nasal congestion
Stuffy nose or sinuses is a bad thing we must admit. Press the tongue on the palate or mouth roof and with the index fingers press against eyebrows. This pressure on the vomer part makes a forth and back motion inside and loosens up the mucus. Also, have deep breaths every 20 seconds and no more phlegm problems.

Stop burn scars
Do not grab the ice pack right away after you get burned. Just press the finger pads on the burnt skin. This delays more the restoring of body temperature on those areas, so there won’t be blisters after afterwards. The skin will heal by itself with no scars.
Relieving tooth pain right away
For sensitive teeth this is the magic trick. If you feel pain coming, get an ice pack and put it on the hand back. Rub this back and forth between the thumb and index. In this hand part there are nerves that bring the pain signals to the brain. And the coldness blocks this pain signal!
No more stress and anxiety
If you need to calm down, try this. Blow the thumb for calm nerves! This makes the breathing regulated and the heart rate slower. No more butterflies in the stomach!
Less migraine after few seconds
No more paying money for painkillers for the migraine. This method is ancient and works immediately. LiveStrong has the secret. Work on the same spot between thumb and index using the thumb and forefinger on the opposite hand. Use a bit of pressure, hold for 2 minutes for every side.
Also try circle motions. This method makes better blood flow in the head and neck and releases the Ki, or blocked energy.
Below are more ways to deal with the migraine pain. Check them out.