Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Direct Kissing Via Smart Phones has become possible


Provided a means of communication and advanced technology remote views approximation, albeit symbolically, either Balsamaa and visual, or documentary and direct. This seems to interest him traveler and disperse distances, where one does not find it to take all means to feel close with relatives and family and who loves.

Contact the traveler not only enough, but it is also looking for ways actually feeling close. After attempts to invent devices to help resurrect "smells" via smart phones, which convert the message into something tangible, the role now come to the invention of a nearly Alhabiban with each other, matter is here the possibility of "kissing over the phone."

For this purpose, I thought one of the young women from China called "Emma Zhang Yan," the invention of a device that is installed with the phone, can be a sense of kissing between the two parties. Kissenger device carries the name and allows its user kissing sweetheart remotely and directly, where the device transmits signals direction to the other party.

However, researchers are still testing the effectiveness of the device, as it is scheduled to be monitoring statistics on blood pressure and heart rate, to see if users are affected kiss the same way, and different distances.