Thursday, 8 December 2016

Doctors: Stop Feeding Your Kids Hot Dogs Immediately


Hot Dog is a favorite food of many people worldwide. Often we can find in our menu, especially during the holidays.
The fact is that during the July 4th in America are consumed 155 million hot dogs. That’s a huge number!
According to a new study, children who eat more than ten hot dogs a month are 9 times more likely to get leukemia.

The risk is in all. Pregnant women who consume one hot dog a week have a chance to have a child who can get a tumor in the brain. The same happens if the father consumes a lot of hot dogs before conception.
The problem is: nitrite additives
During the preparation of the hot dog nitrite is added as an additive to fight with botulism.

Through the cooking process of hot dog, the nitrates and amines are combined. The amines are present in the meat natural to for the N-nitroso, and this is a very carcinogenic compound.
So, if you still like to feed your kids with hot dogs, better ask for nitrite-free meats or you limit the portions of hot dogs.