Thursday, 1 December 2016

Eliminate Stomach Ulcers In Less Than A Week – Miracle Potion!


Every type of stomach infection and intestinal problem can be resolved with just one ingredient – pomegranate peel. Eat those delicious fruits but don’t throw away the peels, air dry them and store them away. We’ll show you how to use them and improve your health. In 1999 one Russian magazine published an article called “The Forgotten Hippocrates and herbal medicine”, written by the Russian herbalist G.I.Gluboko, in which he shared his patented remedy for dysentery, diarrhea, cholera, appendicitis (without surgery), salmonella etc.
The ratio of dried pomegranate peels and water should be 1:20. Heat up one cup or glass and put 10-12gr. of dried pomegranate peels in it. Pour 200ml of boiling hot water over them and cover the cup. Leave it for 25-30 minutes to soak and you can drink it afterwards.
Don’t throw away the leftover peels. After this the treatment has begun.

If you want to treat dysentery, diarrhea, salmonella, typhus, cholera or acute appendicitis in 5 hours you’ll need to consume this remedy in the following order:
After it’s soaked for 25-30 minutes drink half a glass and put the lid back on. Don’t strain it. If you feel better after 10-15 minutes it means that you’ve probably had common diarrhea problems and your treatment is done.
If after 10 minutes you still feel the same it means that you’re probably suffering from dysentery, , salmonella, typhus or cholera. You need to stay at home and drink the rest of the remedy in 3 hours. The treatment continues for the next three hours and you’ll probably start feeling better 5 hours after you’ve drunk the remedy.
If you want to eliminate stomach ulcers, small intestine ulcers, colitis, disruptions in the intestinal flora or a similar condition here’s how you need to consume the dried pomegranate peels:

After the initial 25-30 minutes soaking you can start drinking the potion. Drink half of it during the day (90-100ml), but don’t drink the entire amount at once, divide it into 4 sips, try to drink it with the same time gap in-between. Start in the morning, on an empty stomach and finish in the evening before you go to bed. You shouldn’t drink it every day, but every second day, that will be enough to completely heal in just 7 days.
If you feel like you want to continue the treatment, to be 100% sure you’ve eliminated your ulcers you can repeat the treatment after a one week break.
During this treatment you shouldn’t consume alcohol.