Monday, 19 December 2016

How To Increase (SUPERCHARGE) Your S*x Life Without Any Medications Or Viagra – This Is 100% Natural


There was a study conducted recently that proved how higher physical activity will affect your s*x life positively. In the study there were 295 male veterans involved from different racial groups.
The veterans who had a better performance in bed from the exercise were logging 18 METs per week. This is the same as 2 hours of exercising strenuously, 3.5 of exercising moderately of 6 hours of exercising lightly.
The male member is actually an indicator of our health, since there are more arteries that make blood rush to it when er*cted. When the blood flow is not obstructed by any problems, it indicates that the cardiovascular system is great, while on the other hand, if there are problems with the er*ction, often it’s an indicator of heart problems.

Also, it’s directly linked to the brain, so many times the er*ction problems are caused by mental obstructions. For example, remember a time when you had s*x, but your mind was on a different subject.
So, most of the mental obstructions are too much stress, relationship problems, too much worrying, etc. The part of the nervous system that is helping you relax is called PNS, and is also responsible for er*ctions. So, if you have a hard time relaxing, your er*ctions will be almost non-existent.

If you are suffering from weak er*ctions, it could be because of two things:

1 .Check your heart

If you aren’t exercising, are out of shape or eat junk food, your cardiovascular system is weak and you need to make it stronger. The best start is just taking long walks. You should also check if you have some problems with your heart before it’s too late.
2. Check your mind
You need to study your mind carefully: What are you thinking about when you are about to have s*x? Are you too worried, anxious, have bad self-esteem? Often the answer can be in front of you, but you won’t notice it until you try to get to know yourself better.