Saturday, 10 December 2016

If You Eat Ginger For A Whole Month, This Happens!


Ginger has always been used, especially for traditional kitchen use in India and Asia. Even today, it is really famous and for other purposes like medicine too.
The benefits of ginger are limitless, but usually people take it for pain, nausea or indigestion. The best part of the ginger is the stem root or Rhizome, among other parts that are good too.


The ginger has phenolic structure and this makes it great for irritation solving in the digestive organs. This creates more bile and saliva so all the food and drinks move properly in the digestive tract. One study even proved with 24 people that 1.2 gram ginger powder is amazing. The end results were fast food processing and less indigestion by even half.


By traditional medicine rules from ginger use in the past, the unsweetened, raw ginger is totally safe and as tea from ginger is safe too. If you have nausea from morning sickness or chemo, this is it. Other studies even included 1200 pregnant women, and gave them 1+ 1.5 grams ginger daily reduced the nausea.


From the Georgia University there was a study conducted and it showed how daily consuming of ginger reduced muscle aches up by 25%. Also, it helped with menstruation cramps.


These days it is common for people to suffer from osteoarthritis – this issue ruins gradually all the joints in the body. Therefor those that have this know the pain and joint stiffness. In one research were involved 250 people with knee osteoarthritis. In the end, ginger was really shown as great help. Those that ate ginger had less pain and needed less painkillers.


People with diabetes 2 discovered that 2 g ginger powder daily lowered sugar in the blood so this led to 10% reducing over 12 weeks. A high sugar level is a problem for the heart. So, eat ginger and reduce heart problems by 10%.


There was a study conducted for 45 days and 90 people with high cholesterol were included. With 3 g powder they lowered the cholesterol. Also, ginger protects the heart.


This ingredient has 6-gingerol and it was tested. Also, professionals found that it is really useful for alternative methods for curing cancer. It is not proved yet, but 2 g ginger daily reduces inflammation and such molecules located in the human’s body colon.


Aging sometimes happens faster than it should due to inflammation that is chronic, or oxidative stress that increases risk of Alzheimer’s too among other cognitive problems. Certain studies proved that antioxidants and bioactive compounds also stop inflammation in the brain. There was a study with 60 year old women, and ginger was improving their reaction timing and memory for work too, so it is certain that it is good for the brain.
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