Saturday, 31 December 2016

If You Urinate Just Before Sex, Stop It Now!


Urologists throughout the world advise women not to urinate before they have sex, but do that after sex.

This is because you can fall victim to a bacterial infection.

Bacteria enters the urethra through vagina and when you urinate, the bacteria comes out.

If you don’t urinate after sex, the bacteria may enter the bladder, causing infection.

The urologist David Kaufman advises women not to urinate before sex. 

He considers this the greatest mistake women have explained so far.

How to prevent bacterial infection?

The private part needs to be wiped from the front towards the back moreover, the genitals need to be washed for 100% hygiene.

Urinating before sex will negatively impact your health. 

Do this after sex if you feel pressure and you should also consume a lot of water in order to prevent dehydration.
A ritual before sex

Use your diaphragm a contraceptive increases the risk of infection. 

While it pushes the bladder, it does not allow complete urination. 

You should say no to peeing before sex.

In case you feel extra pressure to urinate during sex, you should release yourself and feel satisfied.