Sunday, 4 December 2016

Interesting Facts: Food Products Which People Should Consume In Order Of Increasing The Bone Cartilage!


At each bone joint in the body, there is a cartilage, which represents a strong and at the same time flexible tissue which has the ability of lowering the frictions when one bone hits the other one. What we are trying to say is that the cartilage it used as the skeletal shock absorber of the system. It is completely normal for people to feel pain, inflammation or stiffness in the area of the joints, and those people who carry a lot of weight even more with   disfigured cartilage.
Opposite to the rest of the tissues, cartilage does not possess its own blood supplier. That is one of the reasons why it is necessary to give a lot more time to cartilage to recover when some injuries have happened or it tore apart or from damages. However, by eating a couple of specific food products which are proved to be successful for this kind of problems the cartilage tissue will heal faster and also the cartilage tissue will increase with these products.
So, people if you ever have felt some stiffness or pain in the area of the elbows, knees, shoulders, ankles or any other part of the body and when you visited you doctor he said that it is because you have cartilage which is damaged, well in that case continue reading this article. Further you will read about a couple of food products which will give you a hand in increasing the bone cartilage tissue.

– With the consummation of apples you will have a double win, you will forget and avoid the pain in the joints because of the damaged cartilage, plus you won’t have to see the doctor anymore. The reason for this si the one of the components of the apple which is known as quercetin. This represents an amazingly strong antioxidant which will help you to produce an extremely important component of the cartilage and that is the collagen. Plus, remember when you eat apples do not peel their skin, the reason is that the skin has more quercetin in it.
– In order of having powerful immune system, as well as to stop having painful and inflamed joints, vitamin C will provide you with all of this. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant will provide protection to the cells and tissues of being damaged even more in the future, plus it will help them to eliminate the swelling. Amazing fruits and vegetables where you will find vitamin C the most are, kiwis, guavas, yellow bell peppers, lemons, oranges, berries and dark deep leafy vegies.
– These two ingredients are filled with sulfur, which represents a mineral which is very helpful in eliminating the inflammation which is the main cause of having damaged cartilage and pin in the joints. The most amazing thing regarding these ingredients is that they may be added into a bunch of dishes, they will help the body to increase the bone cartilage, plus the dishes will have a much better taste. Furthermore, another good thing is that the onion and the garlic as well are excellent for the growth of sodium inside the blood, a thing which is able of giving high blood pressure if there is w huge amount of it.
– Well, if you have a desire to make faster the creation of cartilage, log in the web page and start searching for delicious recipes which are consisted of ginger and turmeric. These ingredients are connected with each other, because both are known for their extremely good anti-inflammatory characteristics. While in the process of keeping safe the cartilage for any damages which may happen in the future, these ingredients give also an amazing action of killing the pain.

– Being absolutely in love with consummation of nuts it is amazing if your desire is to make faster the process of repairing the damages made in the cartilage. There are various reasons why products such as pecans, walnuts, cashews, macadamia, pistachio and almonds are amazing for the joints. One of the reasons is that they are filled with omega-3 fatty acids which is excellent for the process of preventing the swelling. Then, another reason is that they are consisted of manganese, which represents a mineral, which is essential, due to the fact that it is very helpful for the glucasomine, this represents a substance which helps in building the cartilage in a much quicker way.
– This oil has a huge quantity of omega-3 fatty acids, which help in reducing the swelling, but also these acids make the oil to be even more helpful for the creation and fixing the cartilage. Therefore, feel free to fill the salads with olive oil that is very healthy and which serves as their dressing. Moreover, you may take 1 or 2 tablespoons of olive oil each day if you want to possess cardiovascular system and joints with good health.
– Except of the above mentioned olive oil, another thing exists which is very helpful for making faster the way of creating and healing of the cartilage: and that is the coconut oil. One excellent thing regarding the oil is that it is the perfect solution when you want to give a massage on the inflamed joints, in order of eliminating the stiffness, pain and inflammation. However, remember to warm up the oil for a couple of seconds inside the microwave and then you may use it.