Thursday, 15 December 2016

People Read This And Discover How Unsafe Is To Turn On The A/C After Starting The Car?


Your health, plus the health of the people who are with you at the moment of entering in a vehicle and starting it is at a very huge risk. 
Every time you drive your car you park it outside and of course you close the windows. However, it doesn’t matter whether you leave the car in a good shade, it is still possible to gather benzene approximately 400 to 800 mg.
If there is sun outside, the temperature is higher than 16°C and you leave your car on the sun the level of benzene is possible to get to approximately 2000 to 4000 mg which is 40 times more than the level that is allowed.
Then, if your windows are closed while you sit in the car you will breathe in the benzene and the toxic materials can influence the liver, the bone tissue and the kidneys. Plus, our organism needs more time and much more effort to be able to eliminate it.
The guidebook of the car explains that before you turn on the A/C, the windows have to be open, even though there is no clear explanation why it is necessary to do it, except that it is better for the performance of the car.

The results of one study pointed out that before the air starts to cool down, the A/C throws out the hot air out, and with this the benzene is thrown out as well, which represents a toxin that is a source of cancer.
So, for that reason when you are in your car, no matter whether you feel the smell of heated plastic, just keep your windows opened for a couple of minutes, then you can turn the air conditioner on. Plus, leave the windows opened for a couple of minutes after you turn on the car engine.
If you want to keep your organism clear from toxins, you have to try and do these things whenever you are in your car, because if you continue like you do it now you have to be aware that the consequences can be very bad.