Sunday, 4 December 2016

People What do You Think, Is There Any Possibility For Stress To Kill You?


People, listen up probably there are a few things which make you feel worried about, however you have to stop doing that. This refers especially if there are any things regarding your health, which make you feel nervous, the truth is that by worrying you are just making the things even more bad then they actually are. Stress is going to ruin your body and state of mind, and what is also very scary are the results from a couple of researches which showed just what a negative influence is stress for any person and all the bad things which it will give you. The chronic stress is going to provide you with making higher your cortisol levels as well as to create inflammation. So, when these negative effects just continue to spread, the body undergoes some not likeable effects at all beginning from the cells and continuing to the main systems of the body.
Death of Cells
Stress has the capability of killing the cells. People who suffer from chronic stress have shorter telomers, which will keep getting shorter and shorter each time when your cells separate. So, the moment the telomers disappear, the cells die and a bunch of diseases start attacking your body which are usually connected with the age.
Painful Gastrointestinal Issues

You should be aware that the brain and the digestive system are constantly connected and have a sort of “conversation” one with the other. So, when you experience stress it should not come to you as a surprise when suddenly you start having gastrointestinal problems. Also, if your bowel syndrome is easily irritated then probably you are one of the people who experience increased levels of cortisol and hormones which give it stimulation. IBS is capable of causing anxiety, depression and several other psychiatric diseases connected with stress.
Metabolic Problems
This situation is identical with the situation of gastrointestinal issues, meaning the increased levels of cortisol have bad effects over your metabolism. This represents one of those factors which cause negative effects regarding the growth of fat all over your midsection. If the stomach has a lot of fat, then you may have problems such as diabetes, this represents a disease which will affect your brain and how it will deal with stress.
Cardiovascular Issues

A lot of people link the cardiovascular issues with stress and to be honest they are not far from the truth. Chronic stress and also illnesses which appear as a consequence of stress make your chances of having some type of heart illness much bigger. It is a fact which cannot be revealed even by scientists why it is like that. But, the American health Association explained that the health of your cardiovascular system depends on the levels of stress you are influenced by. So, this is the main reason why when you are in a situation of experiencing stress, your blood pressure is increased and also you start behaving badly, by consuming cigars, you start eating way too much and also the drinking becomes excessive as well.
Also, maybe it will sound strange to you but stress has effects on the ways your body combats bacteria and viruses which make you feel ill. Plus, it doesn’t matter whether you have received vaccines, still they won’t show their effects when you experience stress. The same goes for bruises and wounds which cannot heal normally and at time, because your body is undergoing and experiencing a bunch of issues. According to some scientists, people who have good health and good healthy bodies use the cortisol in order of stopping the infections and also to restrain the inflammation. But, when it comes to people who have chronical stress in this situation cortisol is the enemy number one because it has the ability of making the immune system to completely not pay attention to the stress hormones.
We are not saying that you should behave cold and uninterested for all the things happening in your life, but experiencing a lot of stress it may kill you. Create the best way to deal with stress, not just to have longer life but also to be able to enjoy in your life even more.