Tuesday, 6 December 2016

See What Happens inside Your Body When You Eat Pork, and Learn Why You Should Avoid it


Some religions consider “unclean” the pork meat. That is why forbid the consumption of pork. Honestly, not sure of  any logical explanation behind. It may be factual, according many medical experiments which  back this up. Pigs will eat almost anything- spoiled substances, harmful growths even feces, urine.

Their digestive system is incompetent for expelling these harmful poisons in body, they digest their food around four hours. Which is not enough to uproot the overload of toxins. These are stored in the pig itself, in the fat cells and the pig’s organs.
Salt-curing followed by smoking to preserve it as well as marinating fresh pork in an acidic medium, usually vinegar, prior to cooking is traditional preparation . Some people simply cook fresh pork not paying attention to traditional methods of preparation.
Medical researches found almost 69% (out of around 200 samples) that all crude pork tests are loaded with harmful poisons, microorganisms, known as Yersinia enteroclitica. That can cause many health problems- fever, gastrointestinal problems, vomiting and cramps ,diarrhea.

And ground pork is more prone to being spoiled than solid pork and it is also tested positive for different types of contamination including a “questionable” ractopamine (harmful compound  which is banned in Europe and China).
These animals are  hosts to lot of different and dangerous infections, parasites. Many can be transferred to human beings. Here are dangerous parasites and infections: 
  • Taenia solium–intestinal parasite- cause tissue contamination and loss of appetite.
  • Trichinella–parasitic roundworm- can bring edema, myalgia, fever and malaise.
  • Menangle infection–terrible infection – bring fever, chills, migraines and sweating.
  • Hepatitis E–viral irritation, cause nausea, jaundice and weariness and severe cases cause liver fibrosis and cirrhosis. 

Medical experts have confirmed if pork meat is appropriately cooked it decreases the danger of these parasites. Still they can survive after being cooked. Here are some simple tricks to protect yourself :
When you are cooking pork meat, make sure the temperature is higher 145° F for regular pork, and not bellow 160° F for ground pork. 
  • Wash hands after handling raw pork and store raw pork away from other foods and substances.
  • Buy pork not treated with any medications It means all-natural pork, raised without any antibiotics or ractopamine. 
 Well, the field raised pork are  exceptionally powerless to Trichinella spiralis contamination .It is so-called “pork worm” can cause some serious and intense health problems for all of us. Still no worries – Trichinella can be destroyed in the cooking.
Manufacturers give the anti-microbial in their food and make the gigantic waste more dangerous. The standard for all Americans is bringing these creatures up in CAFO farms- which is kind of shocking fact. Pork meat may be fine, but it’s dangerous though. 
The disgusting way meat pigs are conventionally raised: 
almost 97% of all pigs in the United States are brought up in factory farms(CAFO – Concentrated animal feeding operation) – means that all of these pigs never run on grass, inhale outside air or play in the sun, because  are confined and swarmed into stockrooms, nourished with an eating regiment, and  gain weight faster. Also fed with medications and anti-infection .
They need  enough room to run and enough space to eat and sleep, and in these factory farms, they don’t have it – they sleep and rest in their own feces, urine and vomit, breathe lethal gases, for example – ammonia that originates for the urine and pig’s defecation.
Now the gas damages the pig’s lungs. More than 80% of pigs in the United States have pneumonia at the season of slaughter.