Friday, 2 December 2016



Dr. Johanna Budwig, who died in 2003 aged 95,  became the enemy of the leading pharmaceutical companies because her treatments saved the lives of many patients.
She used non-toxic products to safely treat her patients. Unfortunately, her work was suppressed since the 50s. That’s why many people know nothing about the Budwig Protocol.
According to Budwig, she found the cure for cancer numerous times, but no doctor cared to listen as they were also afraid of losing their financial profits.
Note that the cancer industry is one of the most lucrative ones, with leading pharmaceutical companies making a fortune from the conventional cancer treatments. As such, it isn’t in their best interest to endorse cancer cures, especially if they can’t be patented.
In healthy people, the level of oxygen in the blood ranges from 98 to 100  when measured with a pulse oximeter, whereas it is only 60 in cancer patients.
The oxygen in the blood of individuals with cancer is replaced with waste, such as carbon dioxide. The oxygen deficiency results in the formation of tumors and cells are forced to mutate in a bid to provide themselves with energy from a sugar fermentation process.
The fermentation waste products build up in the tissues and result in even higher toxicity, which causes  more acidosis and cells that lack oxygen.
This eventually results in an increased number of cancerous cells.   Dr. Otto Warburg provided proof for these facts and hence won the Nobel Prize in medicine in 1931.
In addition to alkalizing the body, the Budwig Protocol also accelerates the supply of oxygen. The cancer cells can’t thrive if your body has adequate amounts of oxygen
Dr. Budwig believed that fat-free diets could result in complications, so she avoided the foods that cause cellular oxygen starvation and focused on healthy foods and essential fatty acids.

She also pointed out that sunlight has potent anti-cancer properties and it’s of vital importance.
The Budwig Protocol has two stages. The first stage is based on the oral ingestion of flaxseed oil and quark cheese, while the second one encompasses a special diet that lasts for 6 months.
The first stage
  • A cup of quark cheese
  • 3 tablespoons of freshly ground flaxseeds or 5 tablespoons of flaxseed oil
  • Some cayenne pepper
Simply mix all your ingredients. Consume the mixture, with a wooden spoon, at least once a day.
During the second stage, you need to follow the rules below:
  • Consume fresh foods only
  • Avoid sugar, processed foods, non-organic meat, and animal fats
  • Do not drink tap or bottled water
  • Avoid butter, margarine, mayonnaise
  • You should not drink soft drinks
  • Avoid store-bought salad dressings and toppings
  • Replace sugar with natural sweeteners, like honey
  • Avoid table salt
  • Drink a cup of tea 3 times daily, plus freshly squeezed veggie juices from celery, carrots, and beets

  • Don’t consume soy products or canola oil
  • avoid white bread, white sugar, white rice, white salt, and white flour
  • Avoid hydrogenated oils and fish oil
  • Take a teaspoon of coconut oil daily
  • Reduce the use of sunscreens and cosmetic, and find healthier alternatives to common soaps, detergents, and bleaches
  • Drink green tea on a daily basis
  • Limit the use of chemical medicines