Sunday, 11 December 2016

The Exotic Fruit Lanzones Has Many Health Benefits


Lansium, lanzones, langsat is the fruit which is delicious and healthy too. it is originating from South Asia and South India. It has brownish and yellowish skin, circle shape and cluster growing. It can be both eaten raw and cooked. Also, for sweet craving, there is a canned syrup made of it.
Regardless of consuming, the benefits of it are:
The seed of this fruit must be thrown away. Lanzones has more than 2 g fiber in 100 g serves. This means you get 8% daily fiber dose for women and 6% for men. With this you will remove constipation too.

This is a vitamin part of the B complex vitamins and its name is B2. 100 g lanzones has 124 mcg B2 and that is 8% daily need riboflavin. The riboflavin processes carbs and makes them turn to energy for the nervous system. It is water-soluble so opt for daily doses, not reserves.

This fruit is full of antioxidants and vitamin A too. it keeps eyes healthy against macular degeneration and vision issues. Also it has polyphenols that stop developing of cancer, diabetes, heart issues, hypertension. The body will be safe against free radicals attacks too.
Opt for fresh and raw lanzones rather than cooked. And keep the peel to repel mosquitoes!