Wednesday, 28 December 2016

The Toilet Always Smells Fresh And Stays Clean – All You Need Is… Click To Know


One of the most unpleasant household chores is cleaning the toilet, but we still have to do it. The most vicious place to reach is the tight region under the rim, as pretty gross stuff comes out of there.
Do you know what is worse than cleaning the toilet? Using a germ-infested one is the answer. That is why you need to clean it frequently. Now we are going to present you a new homemade toilet cleaner which is going to help you a lot and which is going to eliminate the grime and odors.

You will need:

-60 ml of lemon juice
-1 tbsp of 3 percent hydrogen peroxide (easily available in the pharmacies)
-160 g of baking soda

-half a tablespoon of vinegar
-15-20 drops of some fragrant oil


Take a bigger container and put the lemon juice and the baking soda in it. Take another container and mix the hydrogen peroxide and the vinegar in it. Then, start sprinkling the liquid mixture into the mixture with the baking soda. In the end, add the fragrant oil you have chosen.

The resulting mixture should then be separated in smaller shapes, half-ball shapes for example. You can use a spoon in order to do this. Combining equal amounts of vinegar and water make a vinegar solution. Pour the solution in the toilet bowl and stick the tabs together. You will probably notice the hard crust that has formed around the tabs.
Let the toilet tabs dry for about four hours, or even better, overnight. Then, put them in an air-tight jar and keep the jar in your bathroom. However, be cautious, and make sure that the tabs are completely dry before you do this. Then, once you have the tabs in your bathroom, you can pop one in your toilet every time you do not like its smell.
The process of preparation of these tabs can take some time, but you won’t regret preparing them, because they have amazing effect. Another benefit is that they are made of cheap and easily available ingredients. Compared to the conventional toilet cleaning products, the toilet tabs are environment-friendly, and do not pollute the water. If you have more time and some ideas, you can shape the tabs in praline or soap molds. Remember that if you decide to make these tabs in some fancy shape, you should not use the molds later for some other purpose.