Sunday, 4 December 2016



We often decorate our houses, rooms, offices and other spaces with any kind of plants in order to give them natural and a fresh look. But beside this, plants also have other purpose – to ward off negative energy and to improve the flow of positive energy in order to make us happier. The experts for plants that attract positive energies explain that there are some specific plants that possess stronger ability to promote positive energy and our sense of well-being than others. We should pay special attention to these plants because they must be well-kept in pots and we must keep them alive.
Here we present you the 10 plants that are believed to attract positive energy.
1. Cactus
Cactus is a plant which attracts positive energy, it sounds crazy right but actually it is a plant like that. The cactus is the type of plant which is used for fighting against different intruders, fake, jealous and malicious people and in the meantime the harmful electromagnetic energy from household appliances is attracted as well. Also, this plant gives unique and decorative look.

2. Spearmint
This plant is well-known for its ability to heal, but it is also used to ward off witchcraft and envy. Spearmint gives you a sense of well-being and according to some experts it attracts economic prosperity.
3. Bamboo
One of the most popular nowadays plant which is bringing sophisticated and modern touch to our homes is the bamboo. Inspite of this characteristic, this plant is as well said to promote positive energy. It is considered to integrate growth, water and in the meantime offering transparency, life and purity. If you have bamboo in your home, it will bring you feeling of calmness and comfort and it will repeal envy.
4. Jasmine
The second name of this plant is “the couple’s plant” because it is believed to bring prosperity and happiness in the relationships. It is recommended to keep jasmine in the family area or other places where the couple spends most of their time in order give you a hand in making your love life in transforming into something amazing looking at it from the spiritual way.
5. Rosemary
Because of this plant’s medical properties it has been used in various cultures around the world ever since the ancient times. But it is also said that rosemary attract sincere love and happiness. Experts suggest to have fresh rosemary plant in your house, as well as to in a cloth bags to add a few of the rosemary springs and to place them in different areas of your home, to strengthen the loyalty of the people around you.
6. Mint
Mint is well-known for its healing properties, but beside this edge, it also promotes positive energy. It is believed that mint chases the negative energy and it helps in cases of insomnia. This plant can as well improve the communication in your family.

7. Thyme
Thyme has been used to eliminate bad vibes in the air ever since the ancient times. It also fights against bad vibes, it prevents nightmares and it promotes self-esteem. It is recommended to have this plant in your home in order to ensure protection of your family members and your home.
8. Chrysanthemums
This gorgeous plant will give decorative and fresh look to your home, bringing a feeling of well-being in your home. Chrysanthemums promotes positive mood and relaxation, and it is especially recommended for places with constant tension and arguments.
9. Eucalyptus
It is said to be good for the financial part of working. With this plant you will be filled with positive effects and will have positive attitude. You can have it in your home because it is extremely good in eliminating oppressive energy and helps with the insomnia because it helps you to fell asleep faster.
10. Aloe Vera
This is one of the most widely used plants because of its healing properties. But, it is also considered that aloe-vera protects us from negative energy, bad luck and envy, in the meantime gives us also prosperity and positive vibes. An interesting belief is that this plant attracts positive vibes and good luck, but also it keeps us safe from bad energy by absorbing it, and in that case it fades.