Thursday, 1 December 2016

This Woman Added One Thing to Her Diet and Now Looks 10 Years Younger


Sarah Smith was battling digestive problems and excruciating headaches for years and when she finally decided she couldn’t take it anymore she went to see a neurologist and a nutritionist. She was amazed to see that both doctors told her the same thing; she was lacking an important ingredient in her system. If she wanted to resolve her digestive issues, eliminate headaches and improve her overall condition she needed to start drinking 3 liters of water a day.
Even though Sarah knew, just like we all know, that drinking water is extremely important in maintaining her health in prime condition, she wanted to go the extra mile and follow the advice to the letter. She started a 28 day challenge in order to see what kind of effect water will have on her overall health and she was amazed by the results.
Here’s here 4 week challenge in detail:
The first week

Week one was a wakeup call for her entire system. She visited the loo more often than usual and her bowel movement got surprisingly more dynamic.
The second week
She started to see changes on her face. The blemishes and dark circles around her eyes started disappearing. Her complexion started improving just 10 days after starting the regime.
The third week
She felt that her skin became softer, more nourished and smoother. The amazing part was that she didn’t feel as hungry as before, it seemed like she was confusing thirst and hunger before. Just three weeks into her regime she lost half an inch off her waist. Moreover, her concentration improved significantly.
The final week 4

At her surprise she easily shed another half an inch off her waist. She felt fitter, healthier and in better shape. All her friends and relatives complimented her refreshed youthful look and told her she looked at least 10 years younger. They all wanted to know her secret.
In just 4 weeks her overall health and appearance improved and she decided to extend the regime indefinitely. You should try it too, you won’t be sorry, you’ll wish you’ve heard about this sooner!